January 06, 2017


Life is very simple, people tends to complicate life because they were too lazy. They want to become happy but they are not willing to work for it.

The truth is you will only become happy if you are willing to beat laziness.

Why are you stressed at work? it is not because you have a lot of work, it is not because the deadline is very tight, it is not because your salary is low or your boss is an asshole. You are stressed because you don't want to work, you only want to get paid but you are not willing to do extra work if needed. Your hands and feet were too heavy, you don't want to think, you don't want to solve problems. And that is what makes you stressed. You just want to go home right away after arriving at the place of your work, you are always looking at the clock, you are always waiting for the break time.

Why do you hate yourself? why do you have a very low confidence? The answer is simple again... you don't want to work. You don't want to work on yourself, you don't want to improve yourself. You can make yourself valuable, you can make yourself look good. But the problem is you don't want to move. You are always thinking about "what ifs", you are always thinking about the effort you needed to exert to make your life better. Basically, you are too lazy and that's it. That is why you are not progressing, that is why your life is so miserable.

Problems in money? You can solve it by simply working. If you have a work but you still have some problems in money then all you've got to do is work overtime or find another work that will pay you better. The solution is very simple but it takes a lot of work that is why you don't want to move.

Being scared and being lazy is not different. Some people will say they don't want to try it because they don't have the confidence to do it. No, it is not true, they don't want to try it because they were too lazy to move, they don't want to do the process. Don't ever excuse a person who doesn't want to try, he is not afraid, he is just lazy.

People have a lot of goals, they want to achieve a lot but once they find out that it takes a lot of work to achieve their goals... they will change their plan, they will look for another route that is easier with less stress and obligations. Those people are chicken, you should not be one of them. If you set a goal, pursue it even if it is really hard. Because it is not about getting the goal, it is about honestly pursuing it, it is about staying on the journey until the end.

You know your problem and you know the solution for it is by simply working, beat laziness and you will beat your problem.

If you are fat then beat laziness by running everyday, problem solved... no more questions, no more bullshit excuses, just run.

If you are lonely, work to make yourself happier. Work to have money so you can buy the things you want that will lessen your burden. Work to have money to use for a vacation so your environment will change and you can meet happy places and happy people. The solution is very simple... you just need to beat laziness.


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