January 20, 2017


Anything you have be proud of it, don't be shy wearing it even if it is not that expensive or flashy. Everything you have comes form your hardwork or from hardwork of your parents so always be proud of it and never compare it with others.

Because it is not about the brand, it is about the work exerted to get the brand. It is all about the blood, sweat and tears just to buy the thing. So always be proud to wear it, use it, ride it and show it to the people because your hardwork needs to be rewarded by being proud of what you have or what you accomplished.

A lot of people cannot be proud of what they have because they are always comparing, they always see others having better than theirs. They belittle themselves especially if what they have is not too expensive or not on top of the line.

The rule is simple if you work hard for it and you work honestly for it then be proud of it. Forget about the beauty or the brand, just use it to the fullest without any shadow of ashamed or regret that it is the only thing you can afford.

Because if you are not proud of it then what will you use? it is better to use your own thing than to borrow the properties of others. Just be real and confident and everything you have will look really good. It is about how you rock your own shoes and use it like it is the most expensive shoes in the world. Feel good about it and let it become part of your body.

Because what you have is all you have, you don't have anything else. So you don't have any choice but to be proud of it and use it like its the most precious thing in the world. Because if you will become shy about it then it will look ugly.

You properties will become beautiful if you are proud of it and loving every second that you are using it.

If your car is rusty be proud of it, if your clothes are old be proud of it. There is no reason why you can't be proud of it because it is all yours and you didn't steal it.

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