January 06, 2017


If time is giving you a hard time, embrace it so the bad emotion will disappear, be one with time so you will able to experience how to really live your life.

It simply means you don't have to rush anything, you don't have to force anything, you don't have to look for a fast finish. You should cooperate with time if it is slow and accept it if it is fast.

Time will fly if you are happy, it will slow down if what is happening around you is boring. But you can't teach time how to run things, you can't teach time what is the speed that it has to use. All you can do is move while time is moving. Appreciate every second because it is one way how to make things easier.

If you are in pain don't try to heal so fast. Never escape the process because by doing that, you are only making things worse. You can't go to December if it is only November. Be one with the time so you will be able to enjoy life more. You will faster by healing every second and not by wishing to heal in an instant.

If you are happy don't try to stop time. Let the happy moments pass, don't worry that it may not happen again. Of course it will happen again, you don't need to control everything because everything will flow.

The more you want to fast forward the time, the more you will never get things done. Or maybe you can do it but the result is not satisfactory. Just let the time flow, let the time go.

Being one with the time is the best way to live your life. It seems like you are just here in this world to enjoy your life and experience everything.

Because sometimes there are some things that are happening but you weren't able to experience it because your mind is flying high. You are thinking of some other things, places, people that was never on your sight. You are thinking about the things that are not in your life that is why your time passed away without making the best out of it. You let the happiness escape, you let an opportunity to feel amazing run away.

If the time is slow be one with it, if the time is boring be one with it, if the time is scary be one with it. You will experience more and learn more if you will marry time. Never control time nor take it for granted. It can give you everything if you will use it the right way. Time is not gold it is everything.


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