January 08, 2017


Fake people are spreading around the world. They will scam you, trick you and use you for their own good. At first you thought you've spotted a real person but in the end you will find out that he is a fake. It sucks when someone fooled you because you've invested some emotions and then in the end you will learned that you've been used. You will feel like you're stupid, you will also feel that you've been disrespected a lot.

It is very easy to spot a legit. All you need to do is feel, be cautious of his actions and test him a little bit.

1. He is listening to you. A legit person always listens, he will make you feel that you opinions are important. He values your knowledge and he would love to talk to you and make a very good conversation. He doesn't talk about his life too much or his achievements because he is not trying to impress you.

2. Not pushy. A legit person is not pushy, he will give you time to think, he will listen to your ideas. he will not push you away from your comfort zone.

3. Has the numbers to show. He has the numbers to show like number of money, assets, business etc. that he truly owned. He will never show you something that doesn't belong to him. He really have some evidences that he is successful.

4. Has achievements to show. He can prove to you that he is a winner by the numerous achievements that he had from the past. He will never trick you by making false stories that was used a hundred times. He has a track record of victories and success that will make you feel comfortable about his credibility.

5. Works really hard. A legit person works really hard, he doesn't need to convince you because he has a lot, he is just doing it as a part of the process. He never make shortcuts, he will work until you are satisfied with his presentation.

6. You can try his product for free. You have a trial for free. He will make sure you will like his product before you buy it. He will never force you to buy his product until your decision is 100 percent sure.

7. Will never feel bad after being rejected. He knows that being rejected is just part of the process. He never get discouraged after being rejected because he knew that it's your lost not his.

8. Doesn't have a hidden agenda. What he is offering is the whole equation of the product. He will never charge you with hidden fees or anything that is outside of your agreement.

9. Will warn you about danger. Of course he is not just about your money, he also wants you security and comfort. He will warn you everything that could possibly happen.


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