January 02, 2017


You know in yourself honestly if you are good or not, you don't need to prove it to anyone, you don't need to talk about it nor confirm it. You just feel it because the results are naturally coming into your life. You don't need to try so hard and do stupid things to catch people's attention. They will talk about you, they would love to hear something from you.

1. You make a good skill look bad. You are really that good if you make a good skill look bad. If there is a comparison between you and another person with pretty decent skill, you make him look bad and amateur, you overwhelmed him and eat him alive. People will not even notice him because you are destroying the competition. You make someone not proud of himself because you outclassed him and put him into clinic.

2. Your skill is attracting some money. People are willing to pay you because you have something to offer. Your value is high and you deserve to get paid for what you've got. There will be numerous offers for your service. People want to work with you because you are a professional and you can help them to attract success. You don't need to look for money, money is looking after you.

3. Some people seeks for your advise. A lot of people believe in you, they want to be like you so they seek for your advise. They want to gain some knowledge from you, they you are an expert and any words coming from you will surely help them. They want to adapt your system and use it for their own good to become successful too.

4. A lot of people get insecure with you. A lot of people will hate you because they knew you were better than them. They can't beat you that is why they are pulling you down. They can't admit it but they are your secret fans. The get insecure because your level is above them.

5. You feel invincible in some ways. It is not about being over confident but you knew you can become successful anytime. You always knew you can find ways, you're not afraid of any adversity because you've already face a lot of them from the past. You knew you can beat anyone, you knew you can thrive and make the best out of the situation.

6. You always look for improvement. It means you're on a roll, you have a very good momentum and you would love to keep improving. You are very serious because you wanted to reach a level that will separate you from others. You are not satisfied of your skills, you want to become the greatest but it is ok with you if someone is better than you because you are only competing against yourself and not with others. You are very focused on becoming a better person everyday. You're so addicted to improvement and growth, you don't want to get complacent.

7. You are consistent in what you are doing. You always show up everyday honing your skills and improving your craft. You think that having too much rest will make you rusty and slow. Working and improving everyday is becoming your religion, you don't want to stop, you just feel like you need to keep going and going.

8. People are talking about you. You are making a name for yourself, they were impressed at your work and they can't help but to talk about your name. You are making a buzz. You are talk of the town and your presence can be felt everytime you are around. Even if you don't make a noise, people were still interested in your activities.

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