January 08, 2017


Panicking is a very hard situation, a lot of people go crazy when they panic. They want to go home, they want to escape the situation. But what if you need to stay in that place because you have an important thing to do?

1. Look at a specific thing. Place your eyes on an object, study the details, look at the color, texture etc. This style will prevent you from being afraid of what you are feeling. You will be entertained in a different way. Your sweat will stop, your heartbeat will return to normal. It is just a matter of veering off your focus from a negative emotion. You focus on a different thing and your emotions will also change.

2. Deep slowly and deeply but don't let people see it. Just keep it a secret to yourself because if people saw that you are breathing deeply, they will ask you what is wrong with you and that will make you conscious, it will even amplify your panic attack. Breathing will clear the noise in your head. It will give you a fresh restart.

3. Just smile. Smiling will make you feel better. When you smile mean it and feel good about it. Smile at anyone, smile at the people in your surrounding. Smile when there is someone who cracks a corny joke. Smiling means you are accepting any situation that you are in. Smiling will really take away any negative emotion that you have. It means being fee and being ok feeling the pain.

4. Stop giving meaning to any situation. You make a certain situation a big deal and you give it too much importance that is why you are panicking. Treat any situation as an ordinary situation and don't be afraid to look stupid. Don't be afraid if you don't know what to do because you will be able to know it when you stay calm and poised. As the saying goes "the way will be revealed if you are calmly looking for it".

5. Just be yourself. Move, breathe, talk, speak, smile according to your daily natural movements. Just be true to yourself. Never fake your personality nor force something just to look good. Be proud of yourself and never be shy if you look awkward. It is what it is, show your true colors and never be scared to look bad.

6. Never rush. Just stay with the moment, never rush anything because that will make you commit mistakes that will make you panic even more. Just take it slow. Take it one step at a time until you find your momentum back again.

7. Master your posture. Always stand straight so you will feel good about yourself even more. If you will depict a confident self image then you will feel confident. Anxiety will go away, your panic attack will start to weaken.

8. Learn to adapt to your environment. You can only adapt if you will enjoy what is going around. So enjoy every second of the moment and appreciate that you are in that situation to experience a lot of things. Be happy that you are still alive and learn to appreciate the smallest things around you. Feeling blessed will take away the fear in you, your fear will be replaced with happiness.


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