January 12, 2017


A lot of people believe in the word "impossible" that is why they are living a horrible life. They want something but they can't get it because they believe that it is really impossible. Before they even begin, they will look at how difficult it is to get it, they will see a lot of obstacles even though it is not there. They will make a lot of excuses why they can't do it and why they will not even start. They were already defeated before they even begin.

So if you really want something then you should be ready to pay the price. You should accept that it is going to be difficult but still possible. You should be able to face stress and accept pain because it is really painful if you are aiming for something, but that doesn't mean that you will not be able to withstand the pain and keep going. It is painful physically and mentally because you are not familiar in doing it. It is new to your brain and emotions that is why it looks very difficult but it is not really difficult if you will just embrace the challenge.

1. Walking if you don't have money to pay for public vehicles. Why not? if that is the only way to go to a certain place then do it. Some people will say that they can't apply for a job because they don't have the money to pay for the fare. But they do have the legs, so why not walk? Even if the place is far, you can still go there. Just keep on walking, forget about getting dirty or tired. The only question here is do you want it or not? do you want to change your life by simply walking and going to the places that you need to go or do you just want to wait in life and hope that you might get lucky one day?

2. Applying for 100 jobs online everyday. This is difficult but not impossible too. You can apply for 100 jobs online everyday. I know it is time consuming but you can do it, you can even chat with your friends on facebook 24 hours a day so why not apply jobs online? For sure in 100 applications there will be at least a minimum of 5 companies that will reply to you.

3. Simply walking or jogging for an hour a day. If you wanted to change your body and have a healthy lifestyle then you can just walk or run for an hour a day. Some people say that it is hard and impossible but the truth is anyone can do it. Commitment and wanting it so bad is the issue here and not the difficulty. If you really want it then you will do it, as simple as that. No more excuses about you don't have the running shoes or the weather is bad or you are too busy... just shut up and move!

4. Forgetting people who hurts you. If someone asks you if you know him, answer that you don't know. Treat him like a dead or you don't ever met him. When that person who hurts you is around, don't look at him, still act naturally without showing other people that you are affected. It is possible to forget the people who hurts you from the past. You just can't do it now because maybe the time for healing is not enough. Give it a time, don't take it seriously. One day you will see that the people who hurts you cannot even make you feel bad even if they are around.

5. Just simply believing. Sometimes it is really hard to believe and believe that you can believe if the situation is really hard and the odds is against your favor. It is hard to believe if you are down and in pain. There is an inner voice that is telling you to just quit. But it is possible to just believe, believe if no one else believes in you, believe if it is unbelievable. Once you believe that you can believe... you can turn things around, you can force results and you can win in the end.

6. Earning money by your own means. You may think that it is impossible to earn money through the things that you really love. They say it is hard to earn money with your own ideas especially if no one has done it before. The only way to know if you can do it is to do it. It will look impossible until it is done, if you have a feeling that you can do it then go for it. It doesn't matter if your idea is so weird and no one will support it. Remember that every great things that were are using now looks weird before.

7. Changing your life. You can change. You can get out from a rut that you are in. It is very hard to change because it is stressful and there will be a lot of excuses that will run inside of your head. But if you really wanted to change then you need to use force, force yourself to take actions and stay committed with the process until you've finally become a new person. If some people can change then so are you.


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