January 01, 2017


Everybody wants a winner, everyone loves winning and be part of the party. Well who doesn't? winning gives good feelings, you will feel very successful if you are winning. Everyone is smiling, everyone loves you or pretends that they love you just to be part of the parade. Even if you are not the one who wins, once you are close to a winner you... will also feel like a winner. Winning gives a very good feeling, it gives very good emotions that lasts for a long time.

But losing also has some good benefits. It is painful but it can make you a better person, it can contribute a lot to your life. So don't be afraid of losing because it is your reaction from losing that matters and not the lost itself. It is how you take the lost and make the necessary adjustments from it.

1. You will know your true friends. The is one of the best thing about losing, you will know the true people in your life. Some people were only good because you are winning and they are riding with your success but when you're down... you can't even see their shadow. It's good to lose so you will know next time who are the people that you must trust and invest

 your time with. The best thing is you will know the people who really cares for you and will be at your side during difficult times.

2. You will know what is your level.  You will know how good you are, you will know what areas in your life that needs adjustment. You will go back to reality and look for your weakness and begin to improve it.

3. You will be humbled. Sometimes, always winning will make you arrogant, you will feel invincible and you will do some stupid things that you don't normally do. If you lose, you will become humble and down to earth which is a very good key for bringing back the success in your life. You will begin to realize that not all the time you will win so you will work harder, make decisions smarter and stop doing things that will put you in a difficult position.

4. You will become hungrier. If you constantly win all the time, your motivation will run out. You will no longer make sacrifices that will put you on a different level. You feel like no one can beat you anymore, you feel like you're on top of the world already that is why you are taking some things for granted. If you start losing, you will become hungry again. You will become determined to go back on the winning column again. You will work harder to prepare yourself for another victory.

5. Losing creates pain, pain is a good feeling. It will make you tougher, stronger and smarter. You will hate the feeling of losing because it is painful that is why you will make yourself better than yesterday to avoid losing again.

A lot of people were so afraid of losing because they don't know the other meaning behind it. They thought that losing sucks and there is no benefit that they can get from it. Just because you lost doesn't mean you are weak. Sometimes you need to lose to correct the mistakes from the past, you need to lose so you will become a better person.


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