January 08, 2017


Your energy is very important and you should only use it for useful activities that will make you very successful. What most people don't know is that they can't change their bum lives because they are not using their energy very well. Life is just a matter of placing your energy to the right activities, things and people so you can have a better present and future.

1. Explaining yourself to somebody. If you already made a decision and that decision doesn't disturb anyone or anything then you don't need to explain yourself anymore. Forget about what people say for making that decision, forget about what if someone got offended or bypassed. You are only hurting yourself if you keep explaining your side to somebody. You are making yourself look weak and not satisfy with your own decision. Once the decision has been done, stick with it. Don't explain your side, don't change it.

2. Pleasing people. Pleasing people so you will look kind huh? let me tell you this, even if you're the most kind person in the world... someone will still judge you and pull you down. Someone will still dislike you and will try to hurt your feelings. Pleasing people is like giving away your power. They will be able to command you anytime they want.

3. Watching other people getting their own dreams. This is a complete waste of time and energy. If you keep watching people succeeding and talking about them... you will have no time for your own dreams, you will envy them and you will feel sad because you can't become successful yourself. Focus on your own journey and become successful too. You can't become successful because you are busy gossiping with other people's success.  

4. Worrying about what hasn't happen yet. Worrying too much will kill you, you will think about negative things and you will also attract negative circumstances. You must enjoy life because it is meant to be enjoyed. No need to worry about things that will not even make you happy. Just enjoy the ride and carry on. There is nothing to worry about if you are still living because life has too much good things to offer.

5. Loving the wrong person. Love is not blind. You know in yourself if a person is hurting you or just using you. You should leave a relationship that is not beneficiary and is not making you happy anymore. You are being abused because you allow it. You have the right to say no, you have the right to become happy. Set yourself free and open your heart for the right people who will love you back.


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