January 08, 2017


Beating a deadline is very easy. You will never feel any pressure if you will follow these steps. Any tight deadline that looks impossible to meet will be very easy peasy.

1. Turn off your cellphone, internet and any other things that will eat some of your time. You need to have a focus so anything that will bother you should be kept or blocked. There are some little things that you didn't even notice that are eating your time a lot and it takes away the momentum you have. A simple text from your friend will take away 2 minutes from you because you will read it and think what to reply. What if both of you exchange messages for 20 times? what do yo you think will be the amount of time you've wasted? Those little things such as email, text messages, fb messages, simple you tube and twitter will take away an estimate of 5 hours each day, how big was that?

2. Don't think abut the time left. Always looking at the clock and the days remaining will make you paranoid. It will put more a lot of pressure to you so you better just keep going and never mind if there is only one hour left before the deadline. Just keep moving, you will have a buzzer beater if you don't worry about the time left.

3. Meditate when you are feeling the pressure too much. Sometimes your mind needs some rest. Meditate for at least 5 minutes so you will be able to remove the negative thoughts in your head. Meditation will make your mind breathe, it will restart your brain cells. It will free the clogged thoughts and your brain will operate smoother and faster.

4. Always look for the smallest task that you can do. Time will come when you will be overwhelmed and you don't know what to do anymore. Look for the smallest and easiest task that you can do and do it right away. Once you find that momentum you will be able to gather yourself and do the harder set of task.

5. Ask for help from the reliable people. You're only a human and sometimes you also need some help. But always make sure that you will go to the right people. Choose a helper that will help you and not someone who will make your life even harder.

6. Drink some energy drink. I recommend redbull and cobra energy drink. Those drinks were really kicking and will make you alive again once you feel dead and sleepy. Energy drinks were also delicious so it can also lighten up your mood. Desperate times comes desperate measures so you need to drink a couple of energy drinks to stay alive.

7. Never take a look at the amount of work remaining. Once you learned that you have a long way to go then you will panic again. Don't check the steps remaining to get the job done. Just keep on moving forward and finish it no matter what.

8. Never ask for an extension. If you will ask for an extension then it means you already gave up. Weak people ask for extensions because they can never keep their promise. Be a professional and do the work even if the deadline looks very impossible to beat. I am telling you, you can do it if you really want it but if you will focus on being tired then you will come up with a lot of excuses.

9. Discipline. For the first time in your life... be disciplined. Never watch tv or hangout with your friends to drink some beers.  You have to prioritized the most important task first. Practice delayed gratification. You can celebrate all day long once you are done with your project.

10. Do the 5 hour method. Work for 5 hours straight then rest for 45 minutes then work for 5 hours again then rest for 45 minutes again. You can take a nap while resting. You can do anything you want during that 45 minute rest, it will take away the pressure, you will enjoy working even more.

11. Learn to enjoy the pressure. If you can learn how to enjoy the pressure then you will never feel it. Always remember that it can be done and no pressure can break you. Just feel the moment, enjoy the process and make a strong finish.


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