December 29, 2016


A lot of people were having a hard time on their life because they can't let go, they can't leave something that is making their life difficult. They knew what is not beneficiary but they still hold on to it. They now what is good for them but they are not doing it. 

If the company you are working with is not treating you right, not giving you the salary you wanted or if it is making your life like hell then be ready to leave it. Don't be scared to leave it because you think you might not find another work again. If it is stressful then leave it and look for a better company where you can grow personally and financially. You can't just waste your life working for a company that is making your life miserable, you are just wasting your life if you keep doing that. Pack your bags now and slap your boss with a resignation paper. Tell him you're done with his stupid ideas and you are ready to pursue your own fortune. 

Leave your group or friends if your relationship with them is not healthy anymore. You are free to leave, you are just scared because you are afraid to be alone. Let me tell you this, it is better to be alone and happy than to be with a lot of people but you feel unappreciated. You will see your importance if you will live by your rules and learn how to make a decision by yourself. Be ready to leave, don't say something just leave. Real people with the same vision as yours will come if you are very true to yourself. You will find the right people for you if you believe in yourself and not trying hard too much to please people. 

Always be ready to leave if something in your life, relationships, business or work is not doing you a favor. Be ready to leave anything if you are not happy anymore. That will give you power, that will give you confidence. 

But of course, once you do it... make sure that you can build something new, something that will make you happier and at peace. Once you leave, be ready to forget everything. Don't spare them a piece of emotion and still thinking about the past. It is like a fresh start, no more grudge, no more thinking about making a revenge. Once you leave... leave completely and never try to make a comeback. 

Act like a real boss in life and no one can stop you with the decisions that you are making. Always have an abundant mindset that you can be happier on other things and you can find other people and situations where you will be respected more and appreciated more.

A lot of people are just leaving because they want to make dramas, they want people to think about them and beg for their comeback. That mindset won't work, it is a needy tactic and needy tactics won't work. Once you leave... don't think about being pampered and people around you will beg for your comeback, once you leave... leave and build another journey that will make you a better person. 


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