December 22, 2016


You should only look for the things that you want, you should only do the things that you want. You should only accept what you really want because if not, you will live an unsatisfying life. If you will settle for what you don't want, you will still look for what you want in the end. You will still look for some other things. You will not be satisfied of what you have. You will look for more and that is unhealthy.

So don't long for the things that will only give you a temporary satisfaction. Don't accept something less and having the mindset that you will just upgrade later.

You know what you want and you should get it no matter what.

A lot of people knows what they want but they don't have the courage to get it. Or maybe they were just too lazy to make actions to get it. Either of the two.. they were still pussies. They were happy about forced satisfaction, they force themselves to accept the situation and just do nothing about it.

If you really know what you want then you must know the actions on how to get it. You must force yourself how to find triggers that will make you move. It is just a matter of knowing it and finding ways how to get it. You will find a way if you really want it. You will force yourself to take actions if you want it bad enough, you will never sleep until you get it.

Because at the end of the day, it is how you feel that matters. Not other people's feelings, not your neighbor's feelings. It is your emotions that matters, so if you find yourself cursing your situation.. it only means you want something else.

Knowing what you want is very simple, I don't know why are there some people who keep on telling themselves and other people that they don't know what they want, that they need some time to figure out what they really want. Those people are just acting like they are special, they want time but who are they to ask for it? they don't even know what they want and they don't even have what they want so who are they to ask for more time and considerations?

Know the things that you want, know the people and places that you want and get them. I don't know how will you be able to do it but you need to get them to satisfy your urge and make yourself happy forever.

It is very simple, just make a list of the things that you want and strike them out one by one by getting them. Never stop until you get them one by one. Make them fall into your hands. It is easy if you will act now and have the patience to take relentless actions to become successful. You are the only person who can get them, you are the only person who knows what you really want.


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