December 16, 2016


Sometimes you should know that it's alright. And that is all you need to do to make your situation better, to make yourself feel better. You need to know that it is not a big deal because you are still alive and no one is hurt.

Sometimes you are thinking too much and over complicating things that are small and less meaningful.

Random events, small altercations, small arguments, small adjustments - these are the petty things that are taking away your happiness. You should have been happier now if you will not see everything as a big deal. If you will not take things seriously then you will have a less stressful life. But your problem is you are so hot headed, you care a lot of about the people around you. You care about the traffic, the people giving you bad treatment, people who are noisy etc. You care so much but you don't care for yourself.

You should know that if you are still alive then you are alright, everything is alright. No need to panic, no need to feel bad because if you are alive.... you can do a lot of positive things that will make you happier.

It is your bad perception that gives you depression. You can control your thoughts and emotions if you know that everything is not a big deal. You are the only one that angers yourself. Some things or people may have participation on how you feel but you are still the one who is control and nobody else.

It's alright if it is not about life. If you are not sick, if you are not wounded or in danger then everything is fine, everything is alright. You don't need to think a lot, you don't need to worry yourself to death. All you have to do is breathe, do what you are supposed to do or wanted to do and then you're completely fine.

Worries are nothing but negative thoughts that you created yourself, fear is self imposed, if you keep on thinking about negative things that will make you afraid then you are just amplifying your fear, you are just making your life difficult. What if you just entertain happier or positive thoughts? what do you think will be the difference? Big right? You can live your life easier if you are happier, you can make a big difference if you will just think about positive thoughts because you will be able to make positive decisions and better choices, as simple as that.

If someone is bothering you, just don't give attention to him then you will be fine, you will be alright. Don't think about him, don't talk to him, just simply live your life and everything will be alright again.

If you've made a mistake, don't be too hard on yourself because we all make mistakes, you are not normal if you can't make mistakes. Nobody is perfect so don't make it a big deal. Just correct it if you can, forget what happened earlier and then live your life happily again, it is very simple but a lot of people invest too much on their emotions, they amplify small and useless things that is why their brains were too cluttered and cannot function very well. They can't be happy because they were too focused on what they don't want instead of focusing on what they really want.

Your life will become easier, simple and happier if you will remind yourself every now and then that negative things are not a big deal.

Traffic, angry boss, failed project, lost money, failed business, critics from other people, friends that betrayed you, people that angers you -  these are just some of millions of bullshits that you don't need to worry about. Place your eyes on more positive things and you will see that your world is changing.

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