December 19, 2016


No one can predict your future but you can predict it yourself. Only you can know what will happen in your future and nobody else. So if they are saying that you will become this or you will become that... never believe them because only you have the power to know what is going to happen in your life. You can know it by understanding yourself and being aware of what is going on with the present.

If you are working hard now then for sure your future will be bright. There are lot of opportunities that will come to you, you will attract a lot of wealth. A lot of people will be interested to do business with you because of your work ethic.

If you are doing a lot of stupid things then your future will also be stupid. You can't have a good future if you're just bumming around and doing stuffs that won't even have a chance to give you a good life. It is very simple, what you are doing now is your future. Your habits now will be the foundation of how your life will be the next few months or years.

So if you want to know how your future will look like... don't ask. Just look for what you are doing and the answer is already there.

You will know the past of an individual through his present situation. If his life sucks right now, it only means he is doing useless things on the past. So don't ever feel pity for someone who is struggling in life because it only means he didn't do the right thing on the past. There is no one to blame but him. Even if he make a lot of stories about how cruel the world is to him... don't believe him because the only suspect for his victim mindset and ugly world is himself. He made poor decisions and weak actions and that is why his life sucks right now.

You can make your future bright by being bright. Just simply do the right things, correct your mistakes and work super hard. That's how simple it is. No need for magic or crystal ball to predict your future because you will know it through your present actions.

So be mindful of your thoughts and actions because those things will create your future. If your mindset is negative then your future will also become negative. If you have a positive mindset then there is a big chance that you will become successful and abundant if you pair that mindset with discipline and proper work ethic.

So instead of believing other people who tells you how your future will look like, instead of believing fortune tellers, why don't you create your own fortune? believe in your actions, believe on hardwork, that is the best way to predict your own future. There is no other way around, no mantras or hocus pocus can change your destiny. It is you who will write your own destiny.


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