December 21, 2016


When doing something do it with the best of your abilities, never make actions that are lesser than what you can do. Push yourself a little bit more, make yourself a little bit uncomfortable. It is like you're doing an action but you are searching something behind it. Try a little bit harder, a little bit faster and bigger.

Because if you will not give everything you've got, you will fall short. You will never make it. You will end up in the second or third place. What's worse is you will not even get anything.

Make it a mentality to always give your best regardless of how you feel. You know it if you are giving your best, you know it if you are giving less. Don't fool yourself that it is the only thing you can do, you can do better than that. You can become more, you can become something else, something bigger than what you expected.

There are some people who have the skills and abilities to do something great but they fell short because they listen to some voices in their heads that they can't do more. They accept their fate. They accept the judgment from other people. And what they get by doing that... regrets, nothing but regrets and full of negative emotions.

If you think you can't move anymore then that is the time that you have to move. It is all about reverse psyching yourself and having fun taking actions. Don't think, don't worry. Just focus on taking actions one second at a time. You can take it slow but you can never stop.

Give your best everyday and you will get the best in life. Don't settle for less, don't settle for mediocrity. Always do more so you can have more.

There is a always a better action than your present action. You can always beat your own records, you can beat other people's records. What you did yesterday, you can do better now.

Don't aim for big things if you will not give your very best, just be happy with your bum and loser life. There is nothing wrong with that.

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