December 09, 2016


To all storytellers out there, to all people who makes false hypes, to all people who gives hope but will deliver disappointments... this one is for you.

Stop making stories that you can't fulfill, stop fooling people and making them believe that you can bring glory and happiness. We're tired of yours stories, everyone is tired of your story. Aren't you tired of making lies and making yourself look like a liar?

You said you will make a comeback, everybody is waiting for you. You are making them so excited, they were so eager to see you. You said you will show a performance that was never seen before. You said that you will beat any opponent that was put infront of you but what did you do? You delay your comeback, you tell them you will return this year but your manager tell everyone that you will return next year. What the heck are you talking about? You're full of shit. Stop playing with people and just do what you need to do. If you will make a comeback then go ahead but if not, just shut up and let people live their lives.

You said that you will increase the salary of your people, you told this myth a year ago but where is that promise now? people are still hoping. They were so hungry to have that increase but everytime they ask you about the status of the situation... you keep on making false excuses that is not selling anymore. People were tired of waiting, they are losing cool, their patience is running out. You better fix your shits and fulfill what you promised.

To all star players who were promising their team a championship... where is that championship now. You were talking about multiple rings 5 years ago, you're contract have already expired yet you haven't bring any single championship to your team. How could you let your teammates down? how could you let the people in your city down? You were just good in talking but you were very bad in executing. You should be executed so you will know the feeling of hoping but not getting something. You disappointed a lot of people, you make a lot of children cry. And everytime they see you and call you, you are acting like you didn't hear anything. What kind of bullshit behavior was that?

If you will talk you better back it up. You better equalized your talking with results or else you will look like a fraud, you will look like a liar. I know you still have some intentions to fulfill your promise but intentions cannot be eaten, promises cannot be seen. People needs results, people needs evidence that you really do what you are ought to do.

Time is running out but you still have some time to clean your name, show them that you are for real, show them that you are about winning and not losing. Tell them a different story now, tell them something that is pleasant to hear.