December 09, 2016


There are lots of steps out there to achieve your goals.There are lots of books published, ebooks created and seminars conducted to achieve goals but in reality there are only three steps to achieve it. I made it simple and clear so you won't have a difficult time analyzing it. if you follow these three steps and put it in your heart then you will achieve rapid success and miraculous improvements. What am I waiting for?, here they are:

Make a bold Identification of what you want in life and make sure it is congruent to you passion.
When I say identify I really mean be bold to what you want in life. If wanting $1M dollars is what you want then mean it. Stop doubting it, stop shying from it. Be it, live it everyday, die for it every second and never stop thinking about it everyday. Ingrain it to your system, at least 90 percent of your actions should be related to your goal. In other words, your goal should be your lifestyle. And when adversity hits you.. never change your goal. The harder it gets, the sweeter the victory will be. Have a mindset that when the going gets tough you get tougher. Nothing can make you give up, always think about your goal and become closer to it everyday.

Add something to it everyday. Ok now that you've already identified your goal, it is time to put something to it everyday. It is like putting some coins into your piggy bank everyday. Never let a day pass by without putting something for your goal. Establish consistency and commitment. Never skip a day, you should feel sick if you don't do something for your goal even if it is just one day. Adding something for your goal, even if it is small, it will still make an impact. It will give you progress and you will be thankful for yourself one day because you mastered consistency. If you didn't put something for your goal everyday then you will not go very far.

Never quit. This is an old saying, it is simple but the truest of the true. Just don't quit even if you feel like you're not making any progress. Don't quit even if it hurts so bad. Never quit until you win, that is the only way you can win. A lot of people could have been successful already but they quit on the last stage of their journey.  They're almost there, they only need a few more steps but they still quit. If you feel like giving up then that is the time that you must quiet your mind and keep going. Shut down the small voice in your head that is telling you to give up. Just keep going, it will never be over until you win. When it hurts the most that is the time you must push harder because it only means that you are very close. The harder it gets, the closer you are to winning.

It is also a matter of wanting it so bad, if you want it so badly... even if you don't follow any steps, you will still win.