December 09, 2016


If you want to escape the hardship of life, if you want to make your life easier... simply don't ask for an easy life, the best thing to do is go harder. Work harder, work longer, as simple as that.

Life is tough, we all know that. If someone here will say that life is easy then maybe that person is losing his sanity. I've said it before, I will say it again, even the person with the highest position in the world is having a hard time in his life. Even the president is experiencing a tremendous amount of stress so who are you to complain that your life is miserable and the world is giving you nothing but unfair treatment.

The only way to escape hardship is go harder. Go hard, never stop until hardwork changed your life. Of course there should always be a progress everyday. It can be a progress in your bank account, knowledge, experience or social status. Don't work hard but not attaining anything, you are just wasting your precious time if you are doing this. You must have a plan and you must execute it. You must have a goal and you must attain it. You must have a dream and you must mean it.

So if your work is getting harder, if your business is getting harder... go harder. You can change the any situation by adapting with it and making yourself familiar with the feelings that you are getting. By accepting that it is hard then it will be easy because once you keep getting the same feelings over and over again.. it will become part of your life and it won't affect you anymore. It is nothing to you anymore, it will be the same usual day like the other days.

So don't ever complain that life is hard if you are not going hard. If you are just working for 9 hours a day, what is hard about that? everybody does it. If you are aiming for an easy life you will have a hard life and that's the reality.

Familiarizing yourself into difficult situation will make you tougher, it will make you durable and long lasting. You can conquer any adversity, you are ok not being ok. You're like a mushroom that will keeps on growing anywhere everytime someone picks you or destroys you. Your will soar higher than the sky.

So just go hard, just keep on doing what you are doing. Work harder than yesterday, that is how to get it done. That is how to elevate in life. You will reach the place where you wanted to be if you want it bad enough. Never stop trying, never stop pushing. Time is fast, just don't think about how many steps you have to take to get there because for sure you will get there. It is just a matter of committing yourself to massive actions until you get the job done. Go harder now, escape the hardship in life.

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