December 21, 2016


Before giving up, before saying that it is enough please wait a little more. Please keep continuing what you are doing, give more time before quitting because what you are looking for is only a few steps away from you.

You're only disappointed because you haven't seen any results yet but you have to keep on plodding if you want to reach something. Quitting will not get the job done, it will never give you peace because once you quit, you will always think about it everyday. You will woke up every midnight because you dream about it, you dream about continuing what you've started. So wait a little more and let your negative feelings subside.

You are just being emotional because you feel you deserve more but you are getting less. It is nothing but emotions. What you feel is what makes you wanted to quit and not the circumstances that is in front of you.

So let your emotions subside, rest if you must but don't ever quit, ever. Give it a time and soon you will get your motivation again. Your desire will burn again, you will take actions again and enjoy the journey once again.

Wanting to quit is normal, it happens to everyone. Even the most successful people have think about quitting before. It is really hard but what can you do? facing hardship is one of the prerequisites of success. You're already too far only to think about quitting. Think about the problems from the past that you overcome. Think about your journey and all the challenges that you defeat. If you manage to avoid quitting yesterday then you can also manage to never quit now.

You only need a little breathing room because you were so suffocated of the difficulties that you are facing. Get some fresh air, let your mind breathe and go back working again.

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