December 20, 2016


What is your pending task? I know you have it, you have to do it now. You have to take the first step and finish it so you will feel better.

No matter how much you deny it, you know that you feel bad doing the other thing and not the task that is urgent. You thought that not doing it will make you escape your problem but the truth is you are just making your problem worse. The more you procrastinate the more you will be stressed because it is all in your head despite of doing some other things. It is still playing in your head no matter how hard you forget it. It is like a tumor in your head and it will only be cured if you start doing the more important task.

Pending the important work will make you sick and weak. You know you need to do it but you feel like there is something stopping you, you feel like you are getting choked by someone if you do it.

But the only way to stop the sickness is to do it anyway, do the first steps even if it is really hard, once you passed the first or second step then it will be easier for you to do the other steps. It will be a snowball effect, good feelings will start to kick in. You will feel better and confident.

And once you got the momentum, you should keep going, you shouldn't be satisfied with the little steps that you made. You must push until you are finished, that is how to beat procrastination.

Because if you keep on pending your task... you will never win, you will fail for sure. You will become a failure emotionally, mentally and physically. You will feel sick, weak and stressed. It is a bad bad feeling. You will feel like a loser who can't move even if you already knew what to do.

Do it anyway, regardless of how you feel... do it, conquer it and finish it. It doesn't matter if you already wasted a lot of time, forget those times because you won't get it back anymore. Do what is infront of you regardless of the time remaining, face it like a grown up individual, face it like you are not scared of it.

Because your fears will only subside once you start taking the first step. Don't do it and you will become scared forever.

It is all about absorbing the negative feeling. Of course you will feel bad while taking the first steps, you feel heavy and lazy but that feeling will go away once you are making a progress. So look for the progress and the not finished product. Don't try to finish it fast because it will only make you stressed even more. Try to do it slowly, one step at a time, you will get there in a moment. Just be patient and focus on taking actions. It is easy, just do it!


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