December 17, 2016


A lot of people were wondering what to do to make their lives better. They were seeking for answers to their questions, they were complicating things. They look for a lot of sources which will only make their lives even miserable and confused. They were trying a lot of process that they will just quit in the end.

So if you don't know what to do in life then just simply don't do anything, there are lot of non movements that will make your life better, study all of these and try to apply it in your life to put yourself in a better position:

1. Not eating shitty foods. If you don't know what diet are you going to do, if you don't have a budget for buying fresh fruits and vegetables then simply not eating shitty foods will make you healthy and fit. There are lot of commercials that are just simply hypnotizing your mind so you will buy their products. They will offer you a lot of programs, products that will promise you a healthy body only to find out in the end that those products were fake. Just don't eat shitty foods with lots of salt, sugar and unhealthy ingredients. You will see a tremendous improvement in your health and body if you will be cautious of what you are eating. Of course you can still eat foods with sugar and salt but you know what is excessive or not, you know what will destroy your body.

2. Not going to the party tonight. If you have an important event for tomorrow but you are not yet prepared, simply not going to party tonight will put you in a better position. Partying will make you drunk, it will take away your momentum. It will even give a chance that you may not attend the event for tomorrow because you were so badly drunk. Just do the right thing, even if your friends are inviting you to go with them, say no so you will have enough sleep even if you are not prepared.

3. Not entertaining negative thoughts. If you can't think of solutions, if no information is entering your brain on how to improve your life then simply not thinking about negative thoughts will make your position better. Negative thoughts will block the positive thoughts that are about to enter your brain so you better not engage with it. Don't think about negativity because positive thoughts and solutions will enter in a while, you just need to be patient while waiting for it. A mind that is negative will also attract negative circumstances so you better watch out and be mindful of what thoughts are you entertaining.

4. Not spending. If you wanted to become rich but you don't know how to do it, just simply don't spend. If you have a work and you continue earning, try not to spend as much as you can. Become thrifty, there is nothing wrong with that. Even if you look poor, if you feel rich because your money keeps on growing then you're already rich. It's very simple, keep adding some money to your bank account and never use it. Rich people's mentality is to keep growing their net worth so if your money keeps growing then you're already rich. Even if you are not eating on fancy restaurants and having a very wonderful dinner, you are still rich. Even if you don't have fancy clothes and super cars, you are still rich in your heart and that feeling is priceless. You will feel that your financial status is legit unlike others who wants to look rich but deep inside they were really poor and they feel poor.

5. Not gossiping. A lot of people loves gossiping because it is giving them a little joy, what they do not know is that it has some effects on their brains. Gossiping will make your brain unable to think for solutions because it is crowded with negative thoughts. Your brain's default will become about negativity, backstabbing and failures because that is what gossiping is all about. You will not become creative, your life will become full of shit because that is what you will attract by engaging too much in gossiping. So if you want to have a more peaceful and harmonious life you better stop gossiping now and instead focus your words on positivity and self improvement. Focus more on yourself and not on other people.

You don't need a lot of actions to put yourself in a better position. Just simply don't do bullshit things and you will be fine.

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