December 31, 2016


Law of averages is true and very effective if you will know how to master it. It is a law that only needs perseverance and patience to be able to make it effective. In other words, you need a lot of repetition to make it work.

It can make you very successful, you can use it anywhere but the only problem is... you don't know when it will work. You can try as many times as you want but you will never know the exact time when will it take effect.

It will also work if you use it in gambling, for sure you will also win. But the only big problem is you don't know when. And the more you try to win and lost, the more you lose money. You will arrive to a point where you still have to try but you don't have the money anymore. The conclusion is you still lost in the end.

So the law of averages works best if there is no means for trying. It works very well in trying to make money without using money, it works very well in making a sales, applying for a job or even trying to find the right person for you. You have to have unlimited tries if you want to use the law of averages.

If you wanted to win in life, don't use the law of averages in gambling because for sure you will become broke. Use it on other things where you you can win without risking anything. Your effort and number of tries should be your capital and not money or other things that has value.

The law of averages works very well for people who doesn't want to give up. It is mastered by people who loves to try as much as they can until they become successful. So if you are not relentless then never use it because you will only quit once you don't see any result.

You need to have a lot of patience and faith if you want the law of averages to work for you. You need to give it a time and put in a lot of effort. So don't stop trying because success is already guaranteed, you just need to bang the door a couple of times until it opens.


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