December 12, 2016


Another stupidity that people are doing is they just judge right away, they believe in what they saw or hear right away. They don't seek for the full story, they don't want to look for deeper meaning. They just believe in what they saw or hear especially if a lot of people is believing the said story.

If you are idolizing someone, you love what you are seeing on the television, you see that your idol is being helpful to the community, he is working so hard to become better, it seems like he is really a good role model and will not do anything wrong. But one day you will hear that he is involved is some kind of a scandal or something. The funnier thing is your idol will deny all the allegations even if he is caught in the act.

If you saw someone succeeding, if you saw his achievements and all the properties he is bringing into his life, you will believe that you can do it to especially if he told you that you can do it too. You will believe without looking at the work behind his success. Yeah, it is possible that you can become successful too but you must know what is behind the scenes and you must be willing to sacrifice too. You must be willing to give a lot of time and a lot of effort. Don't get blinded by the good things that you are seeing, you must also accept the fact that you have to work super hard to become successful too.

This is the biggest problem that most people are experiencing. When they saw someone getting successful, they want to become successful too because it really looks good. Those cars, houses and money are really inviting. But when they learned that it is very hard to become successful and they have to fail several times... they will quit right away and try another things. They will look for an easier path that will reward them less.

If you saw someone being accused by a lot of people for doing such things... you will believe the majority, you will not use your own critical thinking to know if the accusation is true. You will just judge someone right away even if you don't see an enough evidence. Before you assumed what is truth or not, you must know what is behind the scenes first. The person you are accusing maybe innocent or has not done anything bad at all.

There are lot of things going on behind the scenes, you can only know the whole truth if you will dig deeper and gather details as much as you can. You have to know what is really going on and don't assumed that what you see or heard is the whole truth.

A lot of people were so fake, they will just show you what is pleasant to see, they will not reveal you their true colors so don't get blinded by those fakery that will only deceive you. They will convince you just to get something from you. They will get your time, money attention by showing you things that are far from the truth. One good example of this idea are celebrities, there are lot of fake celebrities in town. They will pretend that they love their fans, they will pretend to look kind and adorable but in reality they are acting like assholes. They will do everything so their popularity will never end. Don't be fooled by those fake smiles and good looks, there are a lot more behind those things.

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