December 19, 2016


Happiness is progress, not all people know that. They thought that you have to follow someone's path in order to become successful. You can create your own path and become successful as well. All you need is happiness and the love for what you are doing to keep going. If you don't feel the love anymore then that is the time to make an assessment of what are you gonna do next.

The reason why you can't focus on your own stuff is you keep on looking at other people's stuff. You constantly compare yourself with others and if you see someone doing better than you... you feel bad, you want to emulate his success which is bad for your own journey.

If you are a musician and you wanted to become great, just keep playing. Keep playing and playing, feel the love in what you are doing. Keep reinventing, keep playing what your heart tells you to. Never look for other musicians, never mind what they are doing. Just keep on playing until you become great. That is how to become successful. Make your own rhythm, make your own timing. Just keep playing until they notice you.

And when there comes a time when you got bored, that is the time to look for other musicians, listen to their music and star getting some inspiration. And when you are ready to go back to your own world... keep playing again, forget about what you've learned or hear from them. It is just like looking for some other references or inspiration to produce something different.

In any kinds of field, may it be about sports, business or politics... you just need to become happy for your own stuff. You don't need to look for what other people are doing because it will only take away your focus. It will make you jealous especially if you see that they are doing better than you. Just keep on discovering your own style and try to improve everyday. You don't need to copy them if you are confident enough that you will create success on your own. Just try to grow everyday and keep the love going stronger, that is the best way to create success.

Because you can reach a different kind of level if you will trust your own movement, you will be able to create a different pattern or style if you are celebrating your freedom to create actions on your own and discover method on your own. Just keep moving and repeating and you will find what you are looking for.

If you are happy in anything that you do, you will keep on doing it everyday. You will enjoy it even if you are not seeing any results. You will become successful in you own definition and you will never get bored. That is why there are some people who were so happy in their own unique way, they were so happy doing their own style even if it looks so weird, and the good thing is they are becoming successful.

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