December 16, 2016


Moving without getting any results is far better than hoping for results but not moving at all. If you are still moving you still have a chance, you are inviting an opportunity, it means you're on the right track and you are thinking right. Unlike staying still, you are not setting up yourself for winning, you are just hoping that something will show on your way even though you knew from the start that your only chance for making your life better is by winning the lottery.

If you are moving, you are happier even though there is no enough evidence yet that your work is paying off. You are more positive thinker, you knew you have a chance and your hope never dies.

If you are not moving, doubts and fears will enter your life. You will always be in a state of worry and you will never have a peace of mind. You will always be wondering and guessing. There is no certainty in your life.

So if you have to choose between inaction without getting tired or action without results, always choose the last option. Always choose movement. You may not see the results now but it will all pile up in the end. There is always a finish line, there is always a prize for your hardwork. It is impossible that you will not get anything from the hardwork that you put in. The prize maybe late for unknown reasons but one thing is for sure... it will be yours. You will become successful and victorious.

A lot of people don't move because they can't see the results fast. They want to be sure that they will get something first before they take action. They want an assurance that they will be rewarded and that kind of mindset makes them stuck. They don't want to get tired, they don't want to waste effort. They feel like they were entitled of something and they need to be blessed first before they exert an effort.

But how can you have something if you are not moving? movement must be invested first before you get what you want. You cannot get what you want first then start moving, life doesn't work that way. You have to invest with actions before you have the right to ask for what you want. You have to be really deserving before claiming an authority that you deserve a lot.

Yes it is difficult to make a decision to move especially if rewards were not guaranteed. But there is only one guarantee if you didn't take action... and that is you will fail. You will eat shit, you will look like a loser, do you want that?

Movement creates confidence, opportunities and satisfaction. Even if the results were not showing yet, if you are moving the you're already a winner. You will have no regrets in life if you are moving, you will know who you really are and what are your capabilities. You will know that you have no limits and you can do anything for as long as you keep moving.

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