December 08, 2016


People still don't get it. They still believe in the word "intelligence" so much. While at some point it may be true but the real truth is.. intelligence can only be seen in the end.

There are some parents who were so proud of their child and shouting to the world that their child is very smart and can become an Einstein one day. There is nothing wrong about it. But they should not expect too much because it is still too early. There are lot of children who were labelled as genius or phenom but become addicts or criminals when they grow up. Some were failures and some were just doing an average job, their parents were so disappointed because they expect too much and celebrate very early.

So if your son or daughter is not doing well in school, don't feel sad because it is still too early. Your child may not be good in school but don't ever lose hope because he or she can still become great one day. All you need to do is give him the proper guidance and support him in whatever he wants to do in life. Your child maybe exploring for the moment, maybe he is still confused and wondering what he really likes.

There are some children who looks weird and slow during their early years but when they grow up... the became very successful in their careers so never underestimate your child now if he is not doing well. His time will come, he will bloom in the right time and he can make you very proud.

The current situation is only temporary. Life is not about results, it is about process. Don't ever think that situations cannot change. Life is always changing, the weak can become very strong and the ones who were labelled as strong can fall down if they didn't do the right thing.

I have classmates before who thinks that they are really smart and that they can become very successful one day but where did they end up? they end up just being average and hasn't do anything significant in life. They were just following their boss and earning some pretty decent cash to support their family. They thought that high grades can give them good future, at some point it is true but not all the time.

So if you are one of the underdogs right now, don't feel sad because it is not yet the end. It is only the beginning. You can change your life anytime you want. All you need to do is decide what you want to be and where do you want to go. Intelligence can be seen in the end, it can be developed. It is not given, there is no such thing as "genius" or "gifted". You can become intelligent too if you focus on honing your craft and become the best that you can be. They will call you intelligent too if you can produce unbelievable results. It is not what you know, it is what you can prove.