December 20, 2016


In anything that you started, in anything that you wanted to do... you should know the basics or else you will be played. You should know something about what you are doing, even the simplest things because if not... you won't have anything to go to if you need an information. People will play you, they will make you look ignorant. 

You should at least know the simplest and most basic details so you have a foundation. 

Because if you don't know the basics, you will never know how to ask questions, you will never know what direction you are headed to. You simply know nothing and that is very dangerous, that will create fear and panic. It is very easy to give up if you don't know the basics because you simply can't start something. 

In anything, you have to know at least the basics so you have a starting point. 

For example, if you will visit a tourist spot... you can't just go there and travel like a VIP. You have to make a research so you will not look like a lost puppy in a forest if you're already there. You have to know if they can speak your language so you can ask someone if you need to know something, you have to know if it is safe, where is the place where you can sleep and if there is enough food and water. You have to know the attitude of the people there so you can adjust your behavior. Simple things will give you an advantage, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. 

It is like knowing the basic the rules of the game. If you will play chess, you need to know the basic moves so you can play it. You don't need to study the advance moves to win, just know the basic so you will not look like an idiot and you have a little information that you can use when critical stages starts to play in. 

It also applies in business or any kind of work. You have to know the basics so you can operate and make momentum. You can't simply go out there and feel lucky. You have to study the basics so you will able to do something. Again, you don't need to become advance, sometimes knowing the basics and doing it over and over again will give you success better than the advance methods. 

Knowing the basics will give you confidence, you will have something to go to when you need to make decisions. You will get something from your pocket if critical moments surprised you. You will never be scared because you already have a foundation. It is like having a safe default and you can come back anytime if you are in danger. 

If you know the basics the next stage will come on your way, the advance skills and moments will come to you especially if you will look for it. It is easy to make your knowledge and confidence bigger if you already mastered the basics, sometimes you don't even need to reach the advance level, your basic knowledge is enough to thrive in any given situation. 


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