December 31, 2016


You can always do something, nobody can stop you from moving. There is always a solution, there is always a replacement, there is always an alternative. You don't have an excuse for not taking actions because just like I said, you can always do anything if you want to.

If your right hand is injured, you can always use your left hand. It may not produce good result as the right hand but it can still do something.

Just like in mixed martial arts, if you can't punch your opponent then you can kick him. If you can't beat him standing up then you can take him down and beat him on the ground. You can even choke him if you want and put him to sleep. There is always an alternative if you can't do a particular thing, you can always do some other things.

Just because you can't do a specific thing doesn't mean you can't get the job done. You can find ways if you really want it, greatness always find a way. It is all about staying with the moment, never try to escape the situation and figure out what you can do and immediately doing it. Don't hesitate, don't think twice, just do it and you will eventually get the job done.

If you can't shoot with the left hand then shoot with the right hand, at first it looks very impossible to do. It will only look possible if it is the only option you have.

So if someone is telling you that you are good enough and that you can't be good at something... never believe him. If you think that you can do it then for sure you can. They may judge you as dumb if you suck at something and they saw it but don't believe what they say. It is just a matter of figuring out where you are good at and doing it. So if you suck at something and you don't want to do it then don't do it. Find another activity where you think you can be good. If an activity is giving you good feelings, even if it is hard and you are not yet good about it... it is the right activity for you. An activity that gives you good emotions is the right one for you. It is just a matter of mastering it and perfecting it... everything else will follow. Everything will fall on the right place.

You need to keep moving and keep trying to find the things that you can do. You need to be always in motion so you can figure out what is right for you. You can do a lot, you can do more. Don't let a single failure at something defines the real you. Don't let an embarrassment destroy your confidence. Your greatness hasn't been explored yet, it is your job to look for the things where you can be good at and do it forever until you become very successful.


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