December 16, 2016


You can achieve in an effortless pace if you will just appreciate every second or everything that is going around you. Love what you have and you can have a smooth ride.

Appreciation is the real key here. If you can appreciate your position even if you are suffering or having a hard time then you can have an effortless pace. You will still do what you need to do, you will feel tired but you will be energized very fast because you are enjoying what you are doing. Your love for what you are doing will make your life very easy.

If you're on the process or journey just simply find the little love in your actions and you will be able to do well. Finding the love and feeling it is the right path. If you love every action that you made then you will become successful, you will have the strength to keep going, you will never feel heavy nor feel frustrated. You will feel that you can't make mistakes and everything is very easy.

You need to be playful. You need to think that you are just playing and everything is just a game. You don't need to be very serious but of course don't take anything for granted and never consider anything as a joke. You still have to do your best and expect for the best outcome.

Even if you are not seeing results, you still have to appreciate your own effort and movement. Simply loving taking actions will make your pace better and easier. You will not rush, you will not worry, you will enjoy your life even more, you will find bliss that you thought was never possible .

So if you are forced to do what you don't love, let's say you have to take a job because you badly needed it for the moment because you needed something to eat... don't hate it, don't be ashamed of it. Just find the love for doing it, learn how to be happier while doing it and soon you will see that everything is very easy. Everything is smooth sailing and you don't need to condition your brain anymore that you have to do your shitty job.

It is just a matter of simple appreciation and feeling blessed. Your position right now, even if it is ugly, some people are still wishing for it, some people may still want to take your place because for them your position is a paradise already. So you don't have the right to curse your job or damn your situation. You have better than others so you have to appreciate your life and make the best out of it.

And when something goes difficult, always try to remember that difficulty is just part of the process and you don't need to feel bad about it. Everything will become easier again, every pieces you need will fall into its designated place. You don't have to worry about anything because it is just making you slow and not progressive.