December 15, 2016


They say success is all in the mind and I also believe that it is true, the more I think of becoming successful, the more I believe in it... the more I feel and taste success.

People can't become big or successful because they can't even think about it, they don't want to be closer to it. They are thinking about greater things but they can't even make themselves closer to it. They don't want to take actions to become successful. You have to flirt with success to become successful.

Talk to people who were successful, be feeling close with them. Act like you know them and get their ideas and thoughts about how to deal with things. Absorb their ideas and words, copy their behaviors, mimic some of their body language and their way of talking.

If you wanted a house, a big house or a condo... you have to flirt with it. You have to talk to agents that sells houses or condos, you have to look for houses on the internet and of course you have to work very hard to have that money to get your dream house. You have to flirt with things or people that are connected to that house you are always thinking about everyday. In other words, you have to place your energy and work for attaining that house. Your eyes should always look for opportunities, people and things that will make you own your dream house.

Even if it sound ridiculous or impossible... if you want something, you have to think about it, work for it and make negotiations for it. Even if you are not yet ready or your resources were not yet enough to get your big house, you still have to create actions that are related to your dream Just talking to a real estate agent is making you closer to your big house. Your mind is being triggered, your emotions were getting high and you will feel excited about it. And being excited is a great weapon, it is an expectation, it will make you move to find a way how to get your dream house. You will be able to do the impossible, you will be able to find a way to get what you want.

Flirt more, flirt with success because it is one great way how to get it. You can't just be sitting around and hope that it comes to you. You have to welcome any connection, thoughts, things or people that are related to your dreams. Even if it looks like it will not do anything, you have to believe that every single thing that is somehow connected to your dream will help.

So if you wanted to become a businessman, you have to talk about business, build small business, study business and that's it. You're already a business man if you flirt with the activities of a businessman, act like you're one and you're already one.

It is all about positioning yourself closer to success, it is all about talking it and doing it. There is no other way around, it is very basic, you don't need to get a high degree to become successful. You just have to flirt with it, tease it, do something about it until it falls into your hands.

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