December 22, 2016


A lot of people think that they only waste their precious time after taking actions and not seeing results. They will feel bad, they will like they've been cheated. They feel sorry for themselves for looking stupid because they exert a lot of effort and not getting anything in return.

Well, let me tell you this... if you didn't move do you think you will still be able to forge any result? If you just think in your couch all day and dream about great things, do you think you are in a better position now?

Don't feel guilty about moving, don't feel bad in failing. Your body is built for moving and don't ever waste any part of it. Don't make your body weak by being lazy and scared.

A lot of people never experienced the pain of working hard and not getting anything because they don't even try but in the end they will experience the regret of not trying. They will wonder what could they have accomplished if they only take the risk and take actions until the end. They will be the one who will feel guilty because they felt that they only wasted their lives. Regrets will start to kick in, they would love to start over again and take actions but it is already too late, they were already old as dirt, they cannot move anymore. How sad was that?

So don't feel bad if you didn't get anything for taking actions. The truth is you still get something. It may not be material things or money but the work ethic has been built in your system. You also experienced the feeling of failure so you won't be scared to fail again next time.

Moving means you have a dream and you want to get it. It means you are using your life very well and you are not wasting it. The more move you make, the more you will feel alive. You will feel a sense of accomplishment that you will never experience from other things.

Make a move as much as you can and don't ever feel guilty about it. Don't feel ashamed for taking actions and making a stand. Other people can't even move and pursue their own dreams so who are they to judge you? who are they to feel better than you? A person that is not moving can never become better than you. He has no right to feel good if you fail, he has no right to become proud because even if he didn't fail... he already failed by not taking actions.

Actions itself is already an accomplishment, you don't need to have the feeling of scarcity if you didn't get what you want. If you already gave your best, if you really think that you leave everything on the line then you should be proud of yourself. You don't need recognition or twenty one gun salute, you know in yourself if you've given everything you've got.


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