December 27, 2016


This is one big mistake that most people are doing that is why their success is derailing. They are counting their efforts. If they think that they've done so much.. they will look for rewards, they will look for success and if they can't find it.... they will feel bad and quit right away.

You don't have to count your efforts because you can never count your success once you become successful. Making an effort is a responsibility, it is a requirement. You don't have to ask for something in return because it is your duty to put an effort if you want something.

And besides, nobody told you to put an effort on the first place. Nobody commands you to work hard so don't blame the world if you think that all of your efforts have been wasted.

You don't need to count it, you just need to do it. Do int until you're there. Never stop, never cry and complain that it is hard. Nothing is easy, nothing is free. You have to earn it to get it. You have to sweat for it and stop acting like the world is unfair and that you are not blessed. You can't get what you want because you keep on looking for it every now and then. And when you don't see it... that is the time you really feel bad for yourself.

Counting your efforts is just a waste of time. It is your responsibility so don't ever ask for something in exchange.

You've already been rewarded, you just don't know it. Everytime you put an effort, if you do it consistently then you are getting better everyday. And that to me is already a reward. You're getting good at something, you are about to enter a sage level. Everytime you push yourself and sweat everyday.. you are being hardened, you are getting tougher and sharper. So stop looking for results because the results were already there. Look at yourself, you were better than yesterday so you should be proud of what you are doing and stop looking for something else.

Counting your efforts simply means you don't love what you are doing, it simply means you want it right away and you wanted to escape the process. If that will be your approach then you will never become successful. You don't have to look for success, it will come to you in the right place and the right time if you're already deserving of it.

You are not successful yet because your efforts were not yet enough, as simple as that. So the more you count your efforts, the more you waste time and the more success will try to escape you.

Be patient and learn to wait. Never stop working and believing. You are very close, you just need to push a little more, grind a little more. Stay on the process and don't ever think about quitting. You're almost there, it is just a matter of time before you become successful.


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