December 18, 2016


The world is full of information, data, different things, different sources, different references, inspiration, destruction etc.

If you are easy to convince and easy to believe then you are in big trouble my friend. You have to be selective regarding the information that you will put inside of your head. You have to filter your thoughts and test things yourself so you will know if it is true or not.

If you don't want the things that you see around you then it is better to change it, you can change it if you work for it. You can create your own world, you have the ability to pick the things or people that surrounds you. You can change them one by one, little by little, step by step or inch by inch. You don't need to make a makeover in just one day because it is impossible to do that. Change is a process, enjoy changing the things that you don't like and replace it with the new ones that you truly love. Create circumstances, create things and people, create what you wanted to see.

If you have an ugly surrounding, change it and create the surrounding that you want. It is free, you can do it if you are really want it, you can make it happen if you are really decided.

No one can stop you to see the things that you wanted to see. All you have to do is develop the ability for creation. Be creative because you are here to experience the things that you really want. Don't get contended with the things or people that you don't want and accepting them into your life. You have a choice, you can choose what you wanted to choose and nobody can stop you. You are free, enjoy your freedom.

If you want a nice shoes create it. If you want a nice car and a nice house, create it. If you want a nice circle of friends who will help you and make you feel better, create it. Stop dealing with ugly people and things that are just making your life difficult. Remember that you have the ability to see what you wanted to see and change what is not making you feel good. You have the power so use it.

Because if you will make yourself believe that what is infront of you is good enough even though it isn't... you are just wasting your precious life. You are missing the better things and people that you can have by being lazy to create and attract them.

Don't be afraid to follow your feelings because what you feel is the right path. If you don't feel good about something or someone... replace them. Create something that will make you feel better because it is the one that will drive you to success.

It is your life so use it well, you don't need to dwell on things that are not serving you. You can pick some better things, you don't need to suffer by being lazy and not trusting yourself that you can do it. You can create anything, you can create the life that you want.