December 27, 2016


The most ugliest image that you can ever project is looking very needy. It is the most disgusting image of all time. You will look weak, unattractive and people will stay away from you. Why? because you are making life harder for them. When they see you, they will feel that you need something from them. You are not offering something, you are just there to suck some resources that you can see.

You will look very dependent. People will never trust you because they know you can't be trusted and you don't know how to give time and effort, they know that all you can do is ask a favor from them.

Being needy will attract poverty because you don't have an abundant mindset, you feel like you always need something and you can't provide it on your own. You don't have confidence in yourself, you will not see opportunities that were already in front of you. All you know is you have to ask someone for help and you will feel bad if your wish is not granted.

Have you ever noticed that having that needy attitude is not helping you? look at your life, you are experiencing the same thing over and over again. If you have some problems, you will always try to look for someone to solve it for you. You will not even try your hardest because your mindset from the first place it to look for someone to rescue you. Your life will never change if you have a needy attitude.

And the worse is, you will always feel bad if people didn't help you. You feel like they are mean and selfish. You will act like a victim and you will look for sympathy from other people that you thought will help you.

Look at those beggars, even though some of them were still young and capable of working... they will not even try because they were already poisoned by their neediness and they think that all they can do is ask for free money and food. Their lives never change even though some people are giving them help.

You have to change your mindset from being needy to being independent. You have to get things yourself and stop asking help from other people especially if you can do it on your own. You think you can't do it because you're not even trying, you are afraid to struggle and you want an immediate relief. If you will take your time and do your best to do things on your own then you will be able to do it.

Stop looking for fast solutions and shortcuts. Try to stick with your problem as much as you can and produce solutions on your own. That needy attitude of yours will bring you to nowhere, it will make you look like a baby that is not capable of doing even the smallest and easiest things. People will be disgusted at you and they will never join your company.

You have to use your skills and resources available to solve your problems. Your skills, knowledge and strength is enough to carry yourself and provide yourself everything you need. You have to step up your game and be the most independent man that you can be if you want to win in life. \


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