December 15, 2016


Winning is not all about having the trophies and getting applauds from people, there are a lot more from the word "winning". It is deep and not a lot of people will understand it especially the losers. There is nothing special in winning, it is a normal happening that only requires great determination and effort. Winning will only happen in your life if you will truly look upon yourself and focus on your strengths. If you will not be affected by anyone or anything and you can use all of your skills then you will win for sure. There are some qualities of real winners that are not usually talked about here are they:

1. The never lose hope when they're down. Winners my feel a little helpless sometimes but they can remove that thought right away and go back being hopeful. They never lose hope and faith to themselves. They keep plodding until the situation becomes better again. They have this continuity that never ends.

2. They were never picky. They never choose opponents, they never choose situations. They just compete when there is a competition. They just move and take actions even if it feels uncomfortable. They don't care about what is going outside, they only care about what is going on with themselves. They can adapt to any situation easily and they can make adjustments so fast if needed.

3. They always show up. Even if they are hurt, even if they don't feel very well... they will still show up to work and still do whatever is needed. Not a slight fever can disturb them, they never complain about how they feel. They never make excuses.  They show up because they value any opportunity and don't wanna waste any of it.

4. They still do it even if they are not 100 percent sure they can do it. They just do it even if they are not sure. They conquer any fear. They don't care if they will fail or not, all that matters to them is taking actions and seeing the final result. Even if the task, competition or goal looks very impossible to conquer... they will still do it. They don't care because they wanted to test themselves and see what level they are on.

5. Their patience is unparalleled. Have you seen a loser who is patient? there is no loser who is willing to take a lot of actions because they just quit right away when they feel a little bit uncomfortable. They will quit on the first or second try. It is very unusual if you see a loser try for the third time. Winners are very patient, you can see them getting angry or mad but they will never quit and they will never lose control.

6. They always try something new. They always try something new especially if they can't see any improvement in what they are doing. They will look for another way but they will stay with their goal. They were very updated with the latest techniques, resources and methods and they are not afraid to try all of them.

7. They don't care about who is on their side. They just keep fighting even if they don't have strong support. They never complain about who's on their team. They truly believe in themselves and not for a second they doubt themselves. Losers always look for help, stronger teammates and backup. They get their confidence if people around them are stronger than them. Winners are different, they can even do things on their own, they don't look for help nor someone who will save them.

8. They were good in controlling their emotions. Winners always knew what is happening inside of them. They never get emotional, they never let someone get inside of their head. The can handle any good or bad emotions. They knew it is nothing but emotion. They always stay focus even if there is a lot of things bothering them. 

9. They were addicted to improvement. They just keep on getting better and better everyday. If they are not improving, they will feel weak. Even if they are not getting money or something, if they were improving then they were so satisfied. Improvement is their happiness because it gives them confidence and edge from other people. The always study, they always listen to other successful people. For them, success is an everyday improvement.

You can still become a winner if you don't have any qualities that was stated above. Winning is all about how you feel, if you feel like a winner even if you are not winning then you are. If you can honestly say to yourself without any contradicting thoughts that you are winner then you are.

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