December 09, 2016


Being rich is not that hard, all you need to do is define your own standard of being rich and live it. You don't need millions of money to become rich, all you need to do is develop the feeling of being rich and do some basic things that rich people does. Being rich is all about feeling good, if you have millions but you still feel poor then you are poor, if you have thousands but you feel rich then you are really rich. Richness doesn't come in the form of numbers, it comes from running your own personal economy and being financially stable no matter what.

So here are the simple tips on how to become rich:

1. Think big. Always think big, always think that you can achieve something big. It is better to think big than to think small. Thinking is free so why not think big? Rich people thinks big so you also need to do it if you want to become rich. Just think big, forget about how will you be able to get it. Just always think big and riches will manifest into your life. But of course you also have to take big actions. Your actions should be congruent with your dreams.

2. Do something that will make you richer than yesterday. Just set a starting value of your money. How much is your money today? it can be fifty dollars or one hundred dollars. Now keep it, don't touch it nor spend it. Keep it in a safe place and try to add something on it everyday. Add some more money, it can be one dollars or two dollars, it depends on you. Keep on adding and adding until your money becomes big. The number one rule is you will not touch it no matter what, you will not spend some of it even if you have a lot. This method will give you a rich mindset, your mind will be trained to keep adding money everyday. You will fall in love with saving money and making your asset grow bigger and bigger. The more you add money, the more you will feel good.

3. Ask for an increase, always look for the larger opportunities. Being rich is all about growth. You have to find ways how to always expand. A lot of people cannot increase their net worth because they were so afraid to take risks. The truth is there is no risk on looking or asking. You have to look for better opportunities and leave your present situation. Always look for growth and expansion, never get complacent.

Ask your boss for an increase in your salary, look for companies that pays better. Being rich is seeking, you have to seek for opportunities that will make you richer. You have to constantly increase your value.  

4. Appreciate what you have. If you only have ten dollars in your pocket, appreciate it. If you only have 2 dollars, appreciate it too. Being rich starts with appreciation. If you can appreciate sincerely, it means you trust life and you are on your way to being rich. Being appreciative will help you to manifest money easily. Being appreciative will make life easier for you because you are not seeing the bad side of life. You will become like a magnet that attracts different unexpected opportunities.

5. Don't compare your riches with others. If you see someone richer than you then you feel that you are poor, if you see someone doing better than you then you will feel weak. Stop comparing and competing. Again, you should have your own definition of being rich, it is all about how you feel and not what you have. Just keep on feeling good and feeling rich and you will be ok. You don't need to compare because it will only make you feel bad bad distracted. Just focus on your own riches and keep on growing it everyday. You will never win if you are always comparing because it will become your habit. You will always see someone richer than you because you keep on looking for other people's riches. Just be happy with the wealth of others and appreciate what you have.

6. Run your own schedule, run your own circle. You should have a strict schedule when to have a good time. You should run your own party and set the date when to make it happen. You should not attend a lot of parties because you don't know what will happen there, you should be in total control of your life. You should be in command, that is what most rich people do. Have you seen a rich person always attending parties of people that are not so close to him?

And one more thing, you will only set a party for the sake of celebrating something. Let's say you did well in your business or you made a very good deal. Never set party if it will only make your riches lesser. Celebrate because you have a lot.

7. Have an abundance mindset. Life is not all about succeeding and having a lot. There will be times when scarcity will hit you and no matter how hard you work... you can't still make big money. It is normal, just keep in mind that no matter what happens, you will still maintain your abundance mindset. Money starts in your mind so if you feel like you will become broke, it will really happen. Still feel rich and think about riches even if your business is going down. Just keep on doing what you are doing and you will be alright. You just need to weather the storm, money will come again to your life if you are patient and your approach for making it never change.

8. Don't talk about your money with your friends or relatives. Just be humble. If you are earning a lot then just keep it to yourself. Never broadcast your earnings or else you will be their go to guy when they have money problems. This will break your momentum, it will create bad emotions because some people will just use you and will never return your money back if you lend them. You will be stressed and it will affect your progress.

How being rich becomes so hard:

1.You spend all you've earned for useless things. You are very addicted to spending. You spend and spend because it makes you feel good for a while. You never save your money because you think you are only depriving yourself for happiness. Every things that are on sale looks very attractive to you and you buy them right away without thinking first if you really need them or not.

2. You always borrow money. Your mindset has been corrupted, you always borrow money because it becomes your habit already. Even if you can budget your money and spend less to avoid from borrowing, you will not do it because you are not familiar in cost cutting. Even if you still have some money and you can still survive until the next paycheck, you will still borrow money from others because you're addicted to doing it so much. If you wanted to become rich you must refrain from borrowing money from others because it will only make you poor forever. Find a way how to adjust your lifestyle so you can change your financial status. It is all about being thrifty for a few months, if you have enough money in your bank account then allow yourself to spend but if you have none, learn how to tighten your belt and stop spending a lot.

3. You never value your money. You feel like money is not important and you have this saying "spend all what you have because you may die tomorrow". That shit was the best mindset of broke people. Value your money and don't spend it like you have no conscience. Value your money and make it big.

4. You listen to what people say. You always listen to what people say that is why you can't become rich. You never follow your own instincts. You listen to them what is the good investment, you listen to them why it is not good to start your own idea, you listen to them that your newly discover technique for growing money is impossible. You don't decide for your own good that is why you are always confused and you don't know where and how to start.

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