December 31, 2016


Everyone has his own weakness, nobody is perfect in this world and if you have weakness... don't be ashamed about it because it is only a proof that you're just a human.

Even champions, millionaires and presidents have their own weaknesses, they were just too good in hiding it that is why they look very strong, stable and invincible. Their strengths overpowers their weaknesses because they only focus on what is working. They never give attention to what they can't do because they were wise enough to know that it will only make them fail.

1. Pretend that you don't have a weakness. If someone ask what is your weakness... tell them that you don't have. Or tell them that you don't know. This will project a self image that you are really powerful and you believe yourself too much. People will smell your strength and they will think that you are one of a kind person. They will think that you are arrogant but they will somehow believe in you.

2. Pretend that you are very confident. Always stay calm, never rush things, never show them that you are scared. You can fake it till you make it. Once you project a very confident image... everything else will follow. Everything will become smooth and you will be able to command some people. They will think of you as a strong person that has no weakness and can get the job done. So always project a confident body language, never show stiffness or scared posture.  

3. Don't focus on your mistakes. A lot of people, once they made a mistake... they will feel the pressure, they will feel that people were judging them. One very good key to hide your weakness is once you made a mistake, pretend that you don't know it. People will even believe that you did it on purpose.

4. Be aggressive. Looking aggressive and being aggressive is also a good concealer for weakness. If you are making bold movements then people will feel that you are really strong. They will never think of you as a weak individual. They will be impressed with your actions and risk taking behaviors. They will be stunned and you can control the moment.

5. Be true to yourself. Being true to oneself is a very good weapon to become successful. If your actions were very authentic and spontaneous then people will feel that you are a special person that is strong and not afraid to show his true colors. If they all see in you is strength then they will never expect weakness from you because they think that you are not hiding anything because you are so true to yourself.

6. Focus on your strengths. Once you are focused on your strengths, you will never feel weak anymore. You will do what is effective and you will keep on making results. In that case, you will never think about your weakness anymore, people won't see it because all they see is the good things about you.

7. Don't be afraid to use your weakness. Using your weakness means you are on your way to greatness. It means you are constantly improving and you are not afraid to make mistakes anymore. You are here to win because you are so confident, loose and means business. Using your weakness will make you think that it is not a weakness anymore because you already conquered the fear behind it.


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