December 27, 2016


You have to be fast to get more, do more and be more. Speed is a great attribute and if you know how to use it well... you will reach another level of success that is very hard to reach.

Speed will give you growth. Just be fast at something, do it fast, do it with your full strength and your skill will reach another ladder that cannot be matched by anyone.

If you are speed at doing something you will find more opportunity. Let's say you're making sales through calls, if you can make a call fast and call as much as you can, then for sure not a single day will pass without you making a single sale. For sure you will become successful because you can produce huge numbers.

Speed will make your produce a lot of things. it will make you explore different things that others can't see because they were too slow. Speed can be developed. You can have it if you really want it. You can use it as a great weapon to succeed, it can be your only tool to reach the top.

How speed can be developed:

1. Don't think. A lot of you folks can't do something because you are thinking too much. You are worrying too much and you were jailed by being afraid of making a mistake. You need to think but only for a second. Don't over analyze because it will create paralysis in your system. Just do something about it, make a move and look for a strong finish.

2. Just do it. No procrastination, no second thoughts... just do it. Do it like you're so hungry to do it. Do it like finishing it is the only thing that will give you happiness. A lot of folks out there has a default of resting, change your default to action. Do it even if you don't wanna do it and you will see that you are getting happier and happier while you are making a progress.

3. Know your target very well. If you don't know your target, you will be forever guessing and that will lead you to slowing down. Know your target and hunt it, if it is about numbers or quota... set a specific quota and push yourself to get it as fast as you can. Never rest until you reached your target.

4. Don't get emotional. Being emotional will slow you down, giving too much importance to your emotions will only make you feel bad. If something isn't nice bothered you, forget it right away and go back to your work. Forget about your emotions and focus on your actions.

5. Forget about the results. Just give your best no matter what, if the results doesn't come on your way... it is what it is. Accept it and just do the next step. Always thinking about the results will make you worry and slow. You will care so much about different things that doesn't matter. You will think about losing and making mistakes. So forget about the results and go full speed ahead.

6. Put some pressure in yourself. A healthy pressure is a helpful pressure. Put some pressure in yourself so you won't be able to relax. Pressure creates diamonds and if you can handle it very well then for sure you will become successful. Put some pressure in yourself so you will be forced to take actions.

7. Be careful so you won't double check anymore.  Be loose but always be careful. Being loose and confident is very different from being arrogant and careless. Be careful so you will not come back and rethink if you did the right things.


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