December 08, 2016


Nothing is difficult if you will just do it, if you will just face it and take actions. You think so much, you worried so much that is why you are not happy and you can't take actions. You will just stand up and go to the place where you need to make a move, what is difficult about it? you will just move your hands, use your eyes, analyze a little bit and that's it... problem solved.

You are complicating your life by overthinking, you are trapped in a situation called "analysis paralysis". Everything is easy if you will just start and let things happen by creating a rhythm. Let me ask you this: what will make you happier, is it taking action or living in procrastination? You know the answer, movement creates enjoyment. So do what you need to do now and finish it no mater what.

People who takes actions are far better than "smart people" who cannot even do a single step. If you are moving you are smart because you are doing the right thing, you are doing something that will give you progress. It is better to be average but can do relentless actions rather than an "intelligent guy" who cannot even start his plans.

So what makes it difficult, what makes you unable to move?

1. You are delaying the action. The more you delay the action, the more it will become difficult. A lot of thoughts will run in your head, you will worry more and you will be stressed more. You will think that time is running out and you are wondering if you will still do it or not. So stop delaying the action, stop thinking, just do something that will give you momentum. Do something that will make you one step better than yesterday. It doesn't matter if what you are doing has a big impact to finish the task, what matters is you are already moving and you are on the right direction for finishing your task.

2. You are thinking about finishing it fast. You wanted to finish it right away right before you even started. You wanted to finish fast so you can do more things, so you can do the things that you wanted to do such as watching TV or playing video games. Life doesn't work out that way, if you want to have a good life then do what is more important.

3. You don't want to enjoy doing it. You planted in your mind some thoughts that what you will do will only give you stress. You know what, any activity can become fun if you will teach yourself how to enjoy it. You can enjoy anything if you can train your mind that simply moving is already fun. That is why a lot of people are stressed at their work... they can't find the love while doing their job. They just wanted to earn, they are just waiting for their paycheck every now and then. Life can be pretty amazing if you can learn how to enjoy even the most boring things.

4. You wanted to rest immediately. You feel very tired already after just taking a few steps. You wanted to rest after working for a few minutes. You wanted to take coffee, you want to do other things. Stop thinking about rest, stop waiting for the break. You can have rest as much as you want after you finished your task.

5. You think that your first step is wrong. This happens to a lot of people that is why they don't want to continue taking actions anymore. They thought that their first move is wrong and they don't want to do it anymore. They thought that other people were judging them. They thought that the can't make it right.

Every action is the right action, even if your first move is not right... you still need to continue to make it right. You can even make results even if you are doing a lot of mistakes.

6. You want an epic result. You are expecting too much, you wanted to become great right away. This kind of mentality will only put big pressure on your shoulders. Don't think about becoming great right away. Just do the steps and finish what you should finish. It doesn't matter if you look mediocre. What matters is you are a finisher and you don't let things become a pending status.

7. You look at other people's work. You will ask other people how are they doing, how far they've come and praise them but deep inside you are envy. Stop looking at other people's work. Just focus on doing your shit and finish strong no matter what. Even if other people are doing better than you... just keep on doping your thing. Appreciate your own work, forget about other people's status.

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