December 08, 2016


Having a peace of mind is priceless, it is like a wealth that cannot be bought. If you have a peace of mind then you are really living life. Because you can have all the riches in the world, you can have all the nice houses and cars in the world but if you don't have a peace of mind... those properties were useless. Having a peace of mind is simple, all you need to do is be good and make your life simple. You can still be rich but still have a simple life. You can still be rich but have a pace of mind.

1. Be a debt free human being. Don't get addicted to shopping and buying useless shits that will make you poor. If you have a lot of debts you will feel like you are being hunted. Banks will call you, people will call you to get their money back. It feels like hell if you have a lot of debts. So practice cost cutting now and be a debt free person. It is very easy, budget your money wisely and be true to yourself. If you don't have money don't try to impress your friends and try to look like a rich one. Be open minded and be smart with your spending habits.

2. Forgive your enemies. Past is past, if you keep on thinking about people who hurts you from the past... you will have a miserable life. You want to hurt them but you are the one being hurt. You will feel like there is a heavy thing inside of you that is dragging you down. You will think about your enemies everyday, you will think about having a revenge but how does that help you? do you think having a revenge will give you a peace of mind? No. It will only make you feel guilty, it will only make you scared even more because you will always think that your enemy will have a revenge too. Just forget if you can't forgive and you will feel better, trust me.

3. Work hard and give your best. If you are facing a competition, if you there is a bar exam ahead of you, of course there will be worries and negativity that will run inside of your head. So if you want to have a peace of mind, give your best and outwork your doubts and fears. You will become very confident that you will succeed if you will work super hard. Hardwork will erase worries and fears.

4. Realize that life is a journey. Life is a journey, always keep that in mind. No matter what happens to you, you will be alright. There is no ending while you are still living. Any challenges, any problems... you can overcome it if you know that life is a journey and all those trials are just part of your life.

5. Accept the randomness of life. If there is something bad happened or if there is a situation that you must face that you are not expecting... just be ok with it. Accept that your life will not be stable even if you are super rich or successful. There will be randomness that will knock on your door and you have to face it. Accept that life is full of randomness and that there are some obligations that you need to do.

6. Have a financial freedom. You will feel more secure if you have savings. You can move freely and breathe deeply if you have something to get inside of your wallet if some unwanted events occur. Having a financial freedom is like lying on the clouds and letting life happen.

7. Accept that failing is normal. There are lot of people who can't think clearly anymore once they fail. They always think about their failure everyday and that takes away the peace that they have from the first place. Relationship failure, business failure etc etc. Don't you know that you can start again after failing? Failing will only make you strong, there is no other meaning behind it.

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