December 08, 2016


Making a mistake is not a big deal, even if there are so much affected with the mistake that you did... try not to make it so much hard on yourself. Don't think about it, just forget it as fast as you can so you can go back to your normal self. Try to get rid of it in your head and go back being yourself again so you can give your best in anything that you are doing.

For me mistake is nothing, I don't know why a lot of people make it a big deal. I don't know why a lot of people is mocking a person who did a mistake. Mistake is just a sign that we are all humans and we are not perfect.

Mistake is part of your life. Without it you may not be able to distinguish what is perfect or not. If there is no such thing as mistake then there will be no perfect score.

So if you are this type of person who shakes a lot when you commit a mistake here are some thoughts that you must entertain so you will not curse yourself a lot. Constantly remind yourself about these thoughts so you can go back to normal again without any form of hatred for yourself:

1. Remind yourself that you are constantly improving. Think of yourself as a rookie when you made a mistake. Always think that you are just improving and it is ok to make that kind of mistake. Always think that you are excuse to make a mistake because you're not an expert yet. Remind yourself that you are just experimenting and that mistakes are part of your process.

2. You are still alive. Remind yourself that you are still alive and you can still correct the mistake that you did. You're not dead so that mistake has no impact in your life. It is just a situation where you need to correct something. It is nothing and it cannot even make a change in your life.

3.  It's not a big deal. You didn't kill anyone, you didn't make anyone sick. In other words you are not harming anyone so forget the idea that you suck and you are a bad person. It's not a big deal, it cannot make anyone poor so just forget about that one unintentional mistake and go back working.

4. Not everyone notice it. There is even a possibility that nobody notice it. Keep moving and do what you are doing. If nobody is stopping you then go ahead and finish your task. Finish your mission and smile secretly because you get away with it.

5. Nobody cares. Even the president doesn't care if you made a mistake, even the ants doesn't care. Nobody cares so don't feel affected with the mistake that you did. They maybe even praising you because you are still moving despite of not knowing what to do. Nobody is watching you so just keep going and stay cool.

6. It is part of your show. Reframe your mind and think of your mistake as a part of your show to make it more exciting. Always think that they also don't know what you are doing, not all people are smart, not all people knows everything so don't ever feel bad once you made a mistake. Consider it as a part of your movement.

7. It can be fixed. You made a mistake but you didn't totally destroy everything. All mistakes can be fixed so don't feel bad about it. You can fix it anytime you want, you can make it even better next time.

8. You didn't tell them that you are perfect. Think about this from the very beginning, you didn't tell them that you are perfect so they don't have the right to get mad at you when you commit a mistake. You didn't promise them anything so you don't need to apologize or feel bad if you made a mistake. So if someone exposes your mistake... shut his mouth by telling him that you're not perfect.

9. Just be cool. When you made a mistake, the first thing that you need to remember is try to stay cool. Try to pretend that you didn't do anything wrong. Play a poker face. Made a funny whistle if you need to. Just stay calm and don't panic because it is not the end of the world.

10. Everyone will forget it. May it be a small or big mistake, everyone will forget it so don't take it seriously. Don't think that people are thinking about your mistake all day long because they never will. The will forget it very fast, it will only stay in their minds for a few minutes or even seconds.

11. Your're just a human. Always think that you're just a human and you can afford to make mistakes. Always think that all people can mistakes too. You're just a human, you're not God, you're not even close to God so excuse yourself for making a mistake. Forgive yourself very fast and move on.

12. You're not scared to admit it. If someone tells you that you are doing something wrong, admit it very fast and tell him that you know it. You can even crack a joke about it and tell him that you did it on purpose. If you're not scared to admit your mistake, it means you are confident and you are open to critics.

13. Always look at the bigger picture. Nobody dies, no one got ill, no one got broke. The world is still revolving and everything is normal. Always look at the bigger picture, always think that you still have a life and there are still better things that will happen to you. Don't be affected so much with the mistake that you did because it is not the end of the world and you can still correct all those mistakes and live a better life.

If you are confident and you feel that you can't mistake then you can get away with any wrong things that you did. The secret here is the fighting spirit. Keep going and living even if people thinks that there is something wrong in your actions.

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