December 22, 2016


Having a progressive mindset is the best mindset that you can ever have. You can replace your problems with movement, you will be very close to success and you will simply find happiness thorough progress. You will never be depressed for a very long time if you have problems because you will be able to amuse yourself thorough your actions.

1. Always think that what you are doing is right. Never think that you are doing wrong, if you keep on analyzing things and finding faults in your actions, you will not be able to move. You will be freeze because of worrying and overthinking. Just think that you are perfect and you can't do any mistake. Even if people were telling you that you are wrong, just keep moving.

2. Appreciate the little progress that you seen. People can't have a progressive mindset because they always look for bigger improvement. They want to finish task very fast, and if they don't find it... they will feel bad and will not take actions anymore. Just appreciate the little reward that you are getting. Appreciate any improvement no matter how small it is. Appreciation will give you determination.

3. Actions should be your default. A lot of people's default is rest. They have more time in sleeping, resting, taking vacations and other pleasures than taking actions and making themselves better. They were addicted to being still and comfortable that is why they can't see any progress in their lives. The were happier in resting than improving their lives. Make actions your default so you will attract a lot of opportunities. If you are moving you are progressing even if you are not seeing any results yet, as simple as that. It is better to be moving that stopping. If action is your default then you will become unstoppable.

4. Help someone but don't offer help. Helping someone is good and it will create a success circle. But don't ever help someone if he is not asking for your help. You will only veer off from your journey. Don't be too kind and act like you are the savior of the world. Just help people that asks for your you help. Help only people whom you like so you will have more time for yourself. Don't act like a genie who grants wishes to people. Be real!

5. Continue to take goals even if you failed at something. Goal is a very important ingredient to progress. Goals will make you move, goals will make you wake up very early so even if you fail at one goal, look for another goal and pursue it harder than the past one. Be relentless and never stop until you become successful.

6. Choose something that will grow everyday. Followers on you tube, views on your blog, muscle, your money in the bank, etc. Choose something that you can make grow, this will give you an extra motivation. You will feel successful with the little progress that you are making. Keep on growing your business, keep on improving yourself. Never stop because there is no such thing as the final stage. There will always be another level, go and look for it.

7. Think only of happy memories. You can think about past but only your happiest memories. Never think of bad moments because it will only make you sad, slow and unproductive. Happy memories will make you pump up, you would love to become successful and progressive so you can make more happy memories.

8. Don't think about failures nor rejections. Infusing negativity in your state being and entertaining regrets will make your body chemistry bad. You will remember the bad emotions and it will make you depressed. It will immobilized your movement, your progress will become less. So forget all of those failures from the past and start replacing it with success.

9. Always be expressive. Being expressive will make you create a lot of actions that will result to a very strong progressive personality. Don't be afraid to express yourself, say what you want, say what you need, say how you feel. Don't hold back because by doing that... you are stopping yourself from being happy and progressive. Always let go and feel free, movement is free, no one can stop you. Express yourself so you will experience a lot of things and emotions.

10. Be addicted in finishing tasks. Don't do 50 percent of the task now and the remaining fifty percent tomorrow. If you can finish it now, finish it now. The faster you finish a single task, the more you will become progressive. Finishing a task will make you really feel good and accomplished. Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today.


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