August 07, 2016


You want to become successful, the layout has been shared to you. The steps has been given to you but why are you still doing things that won't make you successful?

So if you still didn't get it, I will summarize everything and make it very simple for you. Listen to these words very closely. MOST OF YOUR TIME SHOULD BE FOR YOURSELF ONLY. This summarizes everything, this is the best way to become successful. You should give more time for yourself and not give time to stupid things or people around you.

You want to become strong so why are you looking at people who were strong and why are you also criticizing people that are weak? if you use the time you've wasted for training or doing what will make you stronger then you are more closer to being successful. You will forget about a lot of things if you wanted to become successful, you will be more selfish and become more focused on yourself.

You want to become rich... then why are you lending some money for people who were broke and will not return the money to you? why are you doing that? you know in the first place that they might not return it and you will be the one who will lost some money but you do it still, what is wrong with you? You associate yourself with people who were poor and will make you even poorer. Don't play like a hero who will save everyone, you will not be able to save them if you will not save yourself first.

The more you focus on yourself, the more you focus on bettering yourself then the faster you will become successful. There is no other way around. So stop giving time to people who were useless and were not making you feel good, stop even thinking about them. completely get rid of them.

Even the people that were inspiring you like your idols and other greats... stop giving time for them. Stop watching their videos, stop reading their stories and updating yourself with what is going on with their lives. Your time is only being wasted, they are eating your time and you cannot get it back.

Instead, just focus on your own journey, focus on your own story. Any activity that you will do... it must be related to your life and to your success.

I am reminding you again, being successful is a lonely path. You may lose a lot of plastic friends, so my advise is to just keep the good ones... the ones that were helping you and making you feel good. Stop keeping friends that are just pulling you down, even if it is not their intention to pull you down, they are still pulling you because they are influencing you with their unsuccessful habits.

Use all of your time for your journey and for your work. Never give your time to anyone that are not deserving.

What is your purpose for doing something?

I said it before that you must give a lot of time for yourself, but be careful because you think you are giving time for yourself but in reality you are still giving time for someone.

Let's take playing a video game for an example. Let's say that you are alone playing a video game, so you think that you are giving time for yourself because you are enjoying it. You are loving the action, the graphics, the killing, the leveling up etc. But the sad part here is you are not really giving time for yourself, you are giving your time for the creator of that video game... you know why? because he is the one whose benefiting for your actions, he is the one who is earning a money and whose life is progressing... not you. You are enjoying for no reason, you are just setting up yourself for failure because in the end... you will achieve nothing and the creator of the video game is the one who gets popular and gets a lot of money. Now tell me whose time has been wasted?

But if you really love games then you should have a purpose. Some people who were playing video games for a long time also get some benefits from it. It is because they have a purpose, they join tournaments and earn some pretty cold cash so it means their time were not wasted. They also organized some websites, pages that will give them benefits. And that is what I am talking about, they give time for themselves, the play video games because they love it and they want to gain something from it. It means their time was not wasted because they have a goal.

And that is the greatest cheat in life... if you still want to do what you wanted to do, you have to attached it with a goal so your time will not be wasted for nothing. If you will get something in what you are doing then it means your time was used wisely.

Another example is work. You are working for what? for money that will not last longer than one week in your hands? just because you are working doesn't mean you're not wasting time. You are working but the one who is benefiting are the ones on the higher rank... the owners, CEO's, managers. And how about you? you are working like a dog but you are only getting a small part of the cake.

So if you are working make sure you have a purpose. It can be saving money little by little so you can leave the company and establish your own business. It can be working really hard and doing whatever it takes to get a higher position. This is the cheat in life... if you are working make sure you have a hidden agenda behind it, make sure you are aiming for something. Because if you are working without gaining something in the end... then you just wasted your time. It is better if you will just kill yourself right away so you won't endure the suffering anymore. LIVE LIFE, WORK WITH A PURPOSE, FOCUS MORE ON YOURSELF!