August 15, 2016


You lose some you get some. Just because you lose something doesn't mean you really lost it. Sometimes you need to intentionally lose something so you can gain something.

If you are an athlete, let's say you are an aging athlete, lets' say your age is 35 years old. You need to lose some to gain some. If you lose some weight then you will gain some speed, you will gain flexibility and cardio. Your knees will feel stronger because it is carrying lesser weight. You will gain a lot of advantages for your game. Most athletes know this but they were not doing it. They keep on adding weight because of over eating, over drinking, over staying late at night. They keep on adding useless shits in their lives so they lost a lot of opportunities, they lost a lot of games, they lost a lot of strength by not being disciplined and committed. They gain some so they lost some. It is the other way around. 

Are you lonely now because some of your so called "true friends" left you? In the first place if they were true then why did they left you? Don't worry because real friends were coming. Those who leave you will be replaced by better thinking individuals who will share the same vision as yours. You lose some then you get some. You lost some fake friends then you will get some true friends. The replacement is always better so never look for people who were not making you feel good. Welcome the new people that will give you a much better surrounding and support. For as long as you keep being real and true to yourself, true people will come into your life. 

If the replacement is not coming yet, it is simply because you are still hooked up with your past. You are still thinking about what you've lost so you never notice what is coming in. You never notice that the replacement is already in front of you and ready to bite you. You have to forget the past so you can see the better things around you,. 

You lose some and you get some, it's that simple. It is impossible that you will never get finer things. You have to keep your mind right and always think for better things and that is how you attract it. So don't ever worry again if you lost some people or some things that are valuable to you. Just wait and be patient... the better replacement is coming. You will live a better life.