August 05, 2016


If you are really focus on making your dream a reality, you don't know what is right or wrong anymore. You are just focus on getting that dream. But still, you have to take precautionary measures if what you are doing is illegal or you might be hurting someone.

What I mean by you don't know what is right or wrong anymore is you just do what you think is right. You do any kind of method you think will help you for getting your dream. Doubt has no room in your head, you just do it.

If you're a 42 year old guy wanting to become a popular singer, you don't know if they will still like you or not, all you know is you want to get your dream. You do whatever it takes to get your dream. You sing everyday, you audition everyday, you do your style, you execute your own technique. You don't know if you're right or wrong, all you know is you want your dream and being correct doesn't matter to you anymore.

That is why great individuals can get away with rules, sometimes they break a rule or sometimes a new rule is created to stop them. It is because they were very confident that they can get what they want, they were so focus on getting it and not on how to get it.

If you come to the point where you are so sick and tired of following what coaches or people or critics says then you are almost there, you are very close to being successful. It is because you are very sick and tired of following someone's path so you are creating your own path.

You don't care about technicalities, finesse or even science. You are on a mission and you don't care if you fail or people laughs at you because you are doing it wrong. All you do is follow your heart and believe that one day your dreams will come true.

There is no wrong in taking action, every action is a right action. You will get result everytime you move, you will make corrections if needed and you will discover it by yourself, you don't need someone to discover it for you. For you, every step that you do is taking you closer and closer to your dreams. And even if you are wrong you still feel that you didn't do wrong.