August 15, 2016


This is a mindset that will make you feel less pressure from the expectations of people about you. Always keep in mind that you didn't told them that you were good.

Sometimes you thought people were expecting a lot from you and that kind of mindset will make you conservative. You will avoid making mistakes instead of taking risks that will make the situation epic. You feel like their eyes were set on you. You want to please them, you want to impress them and the result is... failure. You fail because you are not being yourself, you fail because you were hesitant of your actions.

Always think that you told them that you are not good. No worries, if you suck then it's fine, if you make mistakes then it's fine either. But still... always give your 100 percent so you won't have any regrets in the end.

It is not your fault if they weren't pleased about your actions, it is not your fault if they weren't satisfied of your showing. You are just being yourself and you are just doing your best. If they judge you then it is their choice, you cannot control how they feel. You cannot stop them from criticizing you. And even if you are doing good... some people will still say something bad to you, so what is the difference?

Keep in mind that you don't owe them a good performance. You don't owe them anything. Your focus is to be yourself 100 percent anytime. Your purpose is to become genuine and authentic as possible. No need to make fake actions, no need to fabricate a fake self image. It is their fault if they expect a lot from you. You didn't promise them a good show, you come to the stage to express yourself and not impress people.