August 11, 2016


You can do it but you cannot do it all, nobody is perfect in this world, even if you try so hard... you will still have mistakes in the end.

Now what do I mean by you can do it but you cannot do it all? If you are pursuing something, let's say you want to become the top one in your class, of course you can do it but you cannot do all the process to become the number one. You cannot have a perfect grade in all of your subjects no matter how bad you want it. You cannot memorize all the dates, the info, the important words, the numbers etc.  You cannot perfect it all or else you will get crazy.

Some people who were perfectionists were so hard on themselves, they want to try it all, they want to master all only to find themselves in a very deep hole in the end. They got crazy, they were always worried, they don't have a peace of mind. It is not that they were not perfect but they always see an imperfectness in their game.

An athlete who wants to master all of his training regimen will never become great, it is because he doesn't trust his own skill. He always think that he is not enough.

You can become a winner but you cannot do it all. Another example is a boxer who became great at one time. He is a champion, he beats all of his opponent, and because he thinks that he is a already God or something... he wants to try something else. He wanted to try music, politics etc. In the end he will succeed in one thing and fail on the other thing. The logic is very simple, you cannot become great at everything, especially if you are competing on a higher level. You cannot become a great hockey player and a swimmer at the same time. One thing has to make sacrifice. One thing has to be put aside.

The lesson is just give your best on what you think will make you succeed. Master it and become the best in it, you don't need to master everything just to feel great. You don't need to prove to everyone that you are invincible and can become successful and perfect at any field. You are just making your life hard.

Trust that what you are doing is enough, be satisfied of what you have and don't worry about a lot of things. If you want to master everything then take it one at a time, never try to master everything at the same time because it will make you crazy, you will never succeed because your focus is so scattered.