August 10, 2016


Lying is bad, it simply means you are manipulating people or manipulating your reality. Lie is the opposite of truth, it is simply stating facts that were not really facts, instead its purpose is to give advantage to someone who is lying and nothing more than that.

But there are lies that are not really bad, it is also not telling the truth but it is for someone's success or even for your own success. You have to use it so you can build momentum that will lead you to victory.

If your friends calls you and are inviting you to party or drink the whole night but you are reviewing your lessons or you are preparing for a business meeting tomorrow, what will you do? of course your friends will not easily give up if you say NO. They won't stop until they convinced you to go with them. And if your will is weak, you will be tempted easily. This is the time where you need to use white lies, you need to invent a story that will make them believe. Just tell them that you are sick or something, tell them that you are out of town or something. Just hope that you really don't get sick or they won't discover that you are just in your home or else... they will get mad at you. But if your white lies worked and you avoid going out for a party with them then the reward is waiting for you, your life will be in a better position to succeed. Those small temptations are hindrances to become successful, it is not that those are bad but it will make your momentum lost a little bit. That little decision can be a big factor to your success, to others it is not a big deal but if you will think very deep, you will know that it plays a major role to your success.

If your friend ask you if he can do something great or not... tell him that he can do it even though you think that he is not ready yet or he really don't have what it takes to get it. After all, it is still in his hands if he wanted to become successful or not. You have to use white lies again this time. Tell him he can do it, tell him he is capable of succeeding. At least you made his confidence high, at least you wanted him to become successful. And you may never know... he really can succeed even if you feel that he can't.

Yes it is hard to tell white lies especially if you are lying to people who were closer to you. But you need to do it to create momentum, you need to do it to make someone feel great. Yes you are not being totally honest to people but you are very honest to yourself that you want to succeed and you also want others to succeed.