August 11, 2016


What you see is the only thing that matters and not anything else. If you are in a bad situation but you still see some opportunities to make your life better then that is what will happen to you. Anything bad that is happening in your life will be ignored and will not grow. It will diminished little by little as you focus on the things that you are seeing.

Even if your house is small, if everyday you dream of big houses and you still appreciate your small house and not cursing it... one day you'll have a big house too, bigger than Disneyland (just kidding).

If you are poor but you see good things in life like having a lot of food, having nice clothes etc. Just simply having and abundant life... one day you will have what you want if you paired your dreams with hard work.

If you are losing right now but in your eyes you can still win the game or win whatever it is that you are struggling,.. you will win. It doesn't matter what they see, what matters is what you see and you truly believe in it. Circumstances will change by how you perceive life.

Some people were already rich and have a good life, basically they have everything but they still see some lackness in their lives, they were always looking for something that they already have that is why they can't be happy.

Bad situations can be deceiving. It will make you believe that it is your reality but you have some other chances, choices and options. It is up to you how to look at a bad situation. You can either take it as a challenge or you let it dictate your life. You have the option to change it or make it worse. The choice is always yours. Life will give you something to start but it will also allow you to be the one who finish. The command is yours, there is no such thing as destiny, that word is for the dead and losers.

It doesn't matter if how you see life is different from others. They may call you some weird names for not being like them but they were the ones who were unlucky because they cannot see the goodness of life despite of being in a bad situation.