August 05, 2016


Just because you're always winning doesn't mean you're a real winner. Just because you are losing doesn't mean you're a loser.

There are people out there who looks like they are winning in life but in reality they are losers. Examples of these are athletes who won a championship but never played in a championship game. Look at them when champagnes are popping out, they pour themselves with a lot of champagnes so they will look like they sweat in a game. But deep inside, they were also sad because they want to play and they didn't. If you are a real player you will want to play even if you lose. If you will make an excuse that you sacrifice yourself in order for the team to win then you are not a winner, you are a sacrificial lamb. And also, you can sacrifice benching yourself but your team can still lose, so what is the difference?

If you win but you have no participation in winning then you're not a winner, you're just a rider, you ride into someone's victory without doing anything. Are you proud of that? where is the joy in winning something but doing nothing? You are just making yourself believe that you are happy but deep inside of you... you wanted to cry. But you can't because you have to show people that you are happy. But if you can't stop your tears from falling down, then tell them that it is a tears of joy. You tell them you are happy because you win without getting tired, how lovely was that.

But there are some people, despite of losing are still winners. These guys are the ones who tried winning until to the very end. They don't care if they lose, all they wanted to do is try winning with the use of their own strength and not relying on the strength of others. They have a very strong will, they don't care about what people say, all they want is to win with their own hands.

Winning is not all about winning trophy, getting some hard cold cash or making a big name for yourself. If your actions is about winning then you are a winner too. If you are giving your best, if you want to die trying, if you want to change your situation then you are a winner too.

A loser is someone who just let things happen without even doing anything, he take things for granted, he never retaliates, he never insist his desires. All he do is watch and hope for the best. He is like a weak donkey trapped into a quicksand. He is so afraid of moving because if he moves, he will even go down.

A winner never loses hope even if no one is willing to help him... he will still try winning, he will still do his best. He can find a way out of no way, he can revive his determination in every tough situation.